Bike to Lunch members watch as two climb the Hays Street Bridge. Photo by Scott Ball.

After a small rain shower the clouds opened up just before lunchtime. Naturally, I thought of the available nearby options from my office, but then I remembered my colleague Joan wrote an article about a picnic on Hays Street Bridge hosted by Overland Partners. Food trucks, a short ride (during National Bike Month), and the first bit of actual sunlight I’ve seen in the past week? Say no more. I didn’t have time to go home and grab my bicycle so I jumped in my car, parked near The Luxury, and grabbed a San Antonio B-Cycle.

Upon arrival to the entrance of the bridge I was greeted by one of my favorite food trucks, LocaVore. The menu included mango ceviche, chorizo fried rice, and a hefty smoked ham Cubano. I went with the fried rice and headed up to the top of the bridge to meet the rest of the lunch group.

While seated in a grade school-fashioned circle of architects, I enjoyed listening and participating in light hearted conversation. After lunch had finished, a couple of antsy lunch-goers decided to toss off their shoes and attempt to climb the iron beams of the historic bridge. As a photographer it’s hard to advise people to avoid dangerous things, but I just stood back and started snapping away. This was the first official Bike to Lunch and it was anything but boring. Can’t wait for round two – I’ll bring my own bike next time.

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