Rackspace‘s lead storyteller, David Sims, captured a powerful scene at the Weston Centre.

Alan Sanders‘ wish came true on Thursday: he pushed all the buttons and rode the elevator of the third tallest building in downtown San Antonio. The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Graham Weston were honored to accommodate this 4-year-old, suffering from pelvic cancer, to make his dream a reality.

Sims has produced more than one hundred short films and more than fifty commercials. This may be one of the most touching stories he’s told so far. Each elevator cubby on each floor of the Weston Centre was prepared with cookies, balloons, bubbles and chants of support. Though not all floors were reached (the Weston Centre has an overwhelming 30 floors), all 900 tenants were represented, ready to greet Alan.

The serene look on Alan’s young face as he peers out a window, high above the city, is breathtaking.

YouTube video

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