Desiree Johnson’ short, nonfiction story came in first place for the “How I Found You” Valentines’s Day contest sponsored by The Rivard Report and Gemini Ink. Johnson has won a $25 gift card towards a Gemini Ink writing course. Click here to read more.

Life puts weight on such precious things; pressure, work, intricate detail is needed to turn coal into diamonds even the tiniest ones are worth something of value. The trials of time were always against us as we raced against the hands of the clock to make my day your night and my night your day. Time is no man’s friend, but before I knew it months had gone by and we found comfort in the warmth of the coldest nights, progress towards something that felt to extraordinary to leave, even with our own odds and unknowing future against us. I found you in the arms and intertwining fingers, the lingering kisses and countless hellos and goodbyes at my doorstep. I ask God why he brought you to me, what purpose we’ll serve in each other’s lives, I anxiously wait for an answer.

What happens when you weren’t an answered prayer but an unanswered one instead? The expectations to be had of something we ourselves had not come to understand left empty silences and quiet agreements as we both sought desperately to find the puzzle piece that fit just right. Our strengths complimented us as I showed you not all broken vases are without being able to hold flowers and you showed me the beauty of familial love and loyalty. Your greatest strength was holding those close to you so dear they were the ventricle to your heart, a concept so foreign to me I couldn’t help but admire it in you.  Time escaped us both on that fateful day as you lost what you hold dear to the wings of angels and glimmer of stars. My deepest wish is to give you the time you once had and future time you are now robbed of as I try to find sense in the universe where I am now on earth and you’re on the moon.

I found you in the tears of feeling the weight of pain that leaves a void only your family can fill. Their tragic absence made me realize I couldn’t fathom if you weren’t here anymore, even if it wasn’t with me, and in this I loved you then, I love you now, and will continue loving you until I can’t anymore. I find you now in the prayers toward god, the outreaching support of your extended family, friends, and acquaintances, those wanting just to reach and touch you as we watch your moon circle the earth wondering if you’ll ever set foot here once again. Life goes on, the days will turn into months, and time will go by much slower now as my heart will wait in hopes of finding you again. I hope to, I know what once was will never be, but with each new day I continue staring out at the night sky in hopes you will I’ll hear your foots outside my doorstep and this is where I will find you.

essay contest valentine photo by Christina Perez
“Will you, won’t you, be the one I’ll always know.” Photo by Christina Perez.
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Desiree Johnson graduated from the University of Texas-San Antonio with a Bachelor in English and a professional writing concentration in spring 2012. Her aspirations are to become a published author for...