1. “Happy to give, I enjoy reading and learning about all things new in our beloved city.” -Rogelio Jimenez
  2. “Glad to see Rivard Report grown. Highly professional reporting.” -Jesus Rangel
  3. “It’s mission is admirable and it’s execution of that mission is excellent.” -Wayne and Barbara Alexander
  4. “I’ve never read a paper quite like the Rivard Report. Truly interested in local issues and offering real and timely information about what matters to the citizens of San Antonio. I feel like this paper gives SA citizens a voice.” –Giles Gonnsen
  5. “Lived in San Antonio for all my life. Until I moved to San Angelo, Texas in 2016. Rivard Report keeps informed of news and happenings around San Antonio. San Antonio is always in heart. Thank you.” –Deborah Ruth Rinks
  6. “Great coverage of city events- love the arts coverage.” –Bill and Ann FitzGibbons
  7. “My daily news source for discerning local issues and events.” –Liz Hunter
  8. “I thoroughly enjoy my Rivard Report.” – Suzanne Hildebrand
  9. “I’m proud to give to the Rivard Report because it is timely news in well-written articles that aren’t too long.” -Pamela Sonnen
  10. “I read the Rivard Report because I know I am recieving accurate and compelling news. Many times, I send links to the reporting friends all over the US. Thank you for being real. For being the change we want to see in the world.” -Adelle Browniee
  11. “I read the Rivard Report because and thoroughly enjoy reading coverage of the events happening in our city. I decided it was time I made a donation to help keep this publication in my inbox. Keep up the good work!” -Brenda Butler
  12. “Good, local journalism is a necessity. Thank you.” -Robert Maggiani
  13. “I am so happy to support the Rivard Report and thankful for Bob’s vision and leadership in great local reporting.” -Steve Graham
  14. “Good, solid, local news on a wide range of subjects, from a spectrum of opinions” -Steve Artiglia
  15. “Grateful for your reporting and sensitive finger on the city’s pulse. Keep up the good work.” –Johnathon Brent Salter
  16. “Proud of the commitment to local coverage” -Christopher Rosas
  17. “I’m proud to give to Rivard Report because quality reporting shouldn’t be a luxury!” -Vicki Chadwick
  18. “I’m proud to give to encourage investigative journalism and fresh perspectives.” -Mary Green
  19. “Very happy to continue supporting this great resource on San Antonio news. Informative, investigative, and inquisitive reporting is very much appreciated in today’s caustic news environment.” -Louise Stoffels
  20. “I support the Rivard Report because it provides an optimistic view of San Antonio and makes me proud of my city.” -Katy Silva
  21. “If there is no care or concern there is no community to share or lessons to be learned.” -Brent Barry
  22. “I’m proud to give to the Rivard Report because of the thoughtful reporting and in-depth look at San Antonio from an inclusive lens!” -Cynthia Matson
  23. “Independent, reliable news is so important and the Rivard Report captures the SA I call home. Not to mention, the staff is pretty stellar :)” -Jenna Mallette
  24. “Information is precious — our community is a better place if we learn about each other. Our work, thoughts and ideas matter, and shape the past, present and future of our city.” -Nicholas Frank
  25. “Love what you do!” -Tiffany Durham
  26. “Happy to give to a stellar team of journalists. I hope you continue to grow to serve all of San Antonio.” -Mason Stark
  27. “It’s all about downtown…Not really, but it does have timely coverage of the downtown stories, while also covering what is important to SA and TX.” -Joseph Shinners
  28. “Keep on keepin’ on.” -Frederick Mendler
  29. “Thanks for your unique reporting.” -Eugene W. Marck
  30. “I support the Rivard Report, because they have honest news.” -Maureen Doebbler
  31. “I appreciate the Rivard Report for its concise, well-written reporting on many aspects of urban San Antonio. I live close to downtown, and the paper makes me feel a part of what is happening here, with its wise analyses and positive viewpoint. Thank you!” -Caryn Wideman
  32. “The Rivard Report brings into my cluttered email box each day succinct, well written, balanced news coverage that clarifies much of the befuddled “journalism” that tries to sweep such superior reportage aside. You should read it daily!” -Dr. Coleen Grissom
  33. “Keep up the great work!” -Neale Parker
  34. “I’m a huge fan of Bob Rivard.” -Jack Martin
  35. “This gift is in honor of the incredible, hard-working Rivard Report staff. Thank you for all you do to keep our community informed and engaged! I’m so proud to be on the board!” -Laura Saldivar Luna
  36. “I’m proud to give to the Rivard Report to support community journalism in San Antonio.” -Ann Stevens
  37. “Keep up the great work.” -Patricia D. Molina
  38. “In recognition of your outstanding coverage of local news.” -Amanda Burrus Talaat
  39. “It is my daily source of honest and straight forward news!” -Debra Maltz
  40. “Keep up the good work!” -Barbara Hirsch
  41. “The Rivard Report is a great source of FACTUAL news about San Antonio.” -Scott E. Ericksen
  42. “The Rivard Report encourages writers as well as readers!” -Elise Schlesinger
  43. “We value the information you share and wish you the best of luck in your fundraising during Big Give!” -Bill West and the Taylor Team
  44. “Proud of the great journalism Bob Rivard and team deliver! Keep it up!” -Inigo Arzec
  45. “I enjoy the in depth reporting.” -Linda L. Crews
  46. “Good journalism is not free.” -Peter McKillop
  47. “I’m proud to give to the Rivard Report because they report on what actually matters to me and provide a valuable resource for our community.” -Hanna and Robert Rochelle
  48. “Keep up the good, and vital, work.” -Samson Alva
  49. “We read the Rivard Report every single day and respect the thorough, thoughtful, insightful reporting that we don’t necessarily get from the SA papers.” -Martha K. Grant
  50. “Love this team.” –Iris Dimmick
  51. “To one of the Good Guys. Cheers!” -Richard Smith
  52. “Thank you for your un-sensationalized articles giving readers non-dramatic information about our city. Other news sources seem to go for over-the-top headlines that in the end have little impact on most people’s daily lives.” –David Guadiano
  53.  “I am proud to support the Rivard Report! I know the quality of their reporting and editing and appreciate their commitments to sharing the stories of others!” -Heather Hernandez
  54. “I’m proud to give to the Rivard Report because they provide high quality in-depth news.” –Zabdi J. Salazar
  55. “Thank you for creating community awareness and involvement. What you are doing now has an impact that isn’t yet measurable.” -Allison Beshur
  56. “I am proud to support the Rivard Report and the work they do!” -Jenee Margo Gonzalez
  57. “We support good journalism.” -John Mize
  58. “We are already members, but adding 3 new staffers is worth additional support.” James Spickard
  59. “It is a good thing to do to support local responsible reporting.” -Landon Wellford
  60. “I enjoy the in-depth topical writing.” -Marcie Ince
  61. “I enjoy the in-depth topical writing.” -Sherry Wagner
  62. “The Rivard Report is the best source of news about San Antonio. I want to help keep it that way.” -Wendi Strong
  63. “Great respect for Bob Rivard, very pleased with the Rivard Report and it’s coverage of issues.” -Mickey Schott
  64. “I love San Antonio.” -Christa Henarie
  65. “Thank you for your incredible reporting of local news for the San Antonio area.” -L. Wayne Ashley
  66. “I believe in the REAL news this Report provides.” -Melinda Hipp
  67. San Antonio is my home.” -Karen Kinnison
  68. “Excellent reporting of issues in San Antonio that are meaningful to me.” -Mary Louise Heye
  69. “Your three excellent new hires.” -Charles M. Bartlett
  70. I believe in independent journalism and I trust the Rivard Report to provide quality reporting.” -Brian Dillard
  71. “Bob Rivard is credible.” -Lawrence Appel
  72. “I want unbiased, non politically motivated news.” -Charles M. Wetesnick
  73. “I like what I read in your reports.” -Jimmy Toubin
  74. “I enjoy your reporting.” -Erik Davila
  75. “Rick Casey is a part of it.” -Terri Gorler
  76. “Information is informative and interesting.” -David Jones
  77. The Rivard Report provides the insights and information about our community that I’m looking for.” -Martha Serfaty
  78. “The in-depth local stories.” -Rose Mary Fry
  79. “Need for quality journalism.” -Herb Stumberg Jr.
  80. “I care.” -Patricia Ruiz-Healy
  81. “The Rivard Report does a good job and is an asset to our community.” -Zada True-Courage
  82. “You’re doing a good job of covering meaningful and interesting stories. Keep it up!” -Brent Salter
  83. “As a former reporter, I miss strong journalism.” -Gene Bering
  84. “I love getting the local news from Rivard Report.” -Alice Garcia
  85. “I think it is a worthy cause.” -Jimmy Goudge
  86. “I love the Rivard Report.” -Lionel Sosa
  87. “I want to support local news coverage.” -Jay Brandon
  88. “Journalism is an ethical process, not an ideological one.” -Dean Hendrix
  89. “I support the cause.” -Tim Brown
  90. “The community needs to be informed on local issues.” -Wesley Reed Williams
  91. “Responsible Reporting and Community Involvement.” -Lee Cusenbary
  92. “I love the RR and what it does for our community!” -Michael Cepek
  93. “I am much appreciative of the terrific reporting. Jeffrey Sullivan is doing a terrific job.” -Tom Rickhoff
  94. “The articles you all provide are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Keep up the great work!!” -Louis Delgado
  95. “I read the RR every day, and I think it is an important and worthy cause.” -Trey Porter
  96. “I read your news every day.” -Randell Drum
  97. “I can’t live without the Rivard Report.” -Lisa Barocas
  98. “We need you.” -Beth Watkins
  99. “I want to make sure Rivard Report is there for the citizens of SA.” -Sydney Young
  100. “Always a little more detail than can be found in other sources.” -Margaret Kanyusik
  101. “I appreciate the viewpoints.” -Tim Morrow
  102. “I believe in their mission…” -Dave Bouvier
  103. “The content is of such interest to me and promotes much needed diverse perspective on our community.” -Beverley McClure
  104. “I like what you do.” -Judith Sobre
  105. “I think that the RR gives real value to the community.” -Marion Munk
  106. “I want you in business! Great articles.” -Josephine Seeligson
  107. “I’m a believer in Bob Rivard.” -Joel B. Harris
  108. “Y’all make our city awesome.” -Selsabeel Gonzalez
  109. “Encouraged by checking out the reports.” -Mary Kay Schultz
  110. “You are a favorite of my daughter and son-in-law, Margaret and Johnathon Walker.” -Betty Gerlach
  111. “Interest in SA.” -Don and Karen Hamlin
  112. “Your writing is SO good.” -Liz Leatherbury
  113. “Very impressive news source.” -Robin Fennell
  114. “You do a terrific job in reporting on what is really happening in San Antonio.” -Reid Hackney
  115. “I’m a consumer of San Antonio news & culture.” -David Wood
  116. “I enjoy the local coverage and podcast.” -Philip Moss
  117. “I enjoy reading RR.” -Thomas O’Brien
  118. “I love your coverage of environmental & design issues.” -Deborah Mersky
  119. “Keep it local. Love SA.” -Zeke and Rose Gallegos
  120. “Encouraged by great service you do for our community.” -David Garcia
  121. “Probably the best & most informative source of news related to downtown.” -Nelda Bell
  122. “I appreciate local news and support local, non-commercial journalism.” -Diana Parrish
  123. “I am excited to assist in the process of changing downtown. Must be in tune w- downtown enact change.” -Katherine Fontenot
  124. “Y’all do a great job!” -Rachel Edwards Ridder
  125. “You support the visual arts!!” -Bill and Ann FitzGibbons
  126. “I like you guys.” -Blake Olson
  127. “I want to support honest & complete reporting.” -Stephanie Diaz
  128. “I want to continue to support high-quality, local journalism in San Antonio.” -Kay Meyer
  129. “The reporting is good!” -Annabelle McGee
  130. “Democracy dies in darkness.” -Susan Essez
  131. “Thanks so much for sharing this great new research and hope for new successes every day.” Rose Marie Banack
  132. “Fabulous!” -Bob Revard
  133. “It’s nice to read when something good happens in the world, especially with children. Because in the last war I see only bad news.” -Dora
  134. “Emily, keep asking the questions and shining the light.” -Julia Bates
  135. “This has been my favorite podcast. So interesting!” -Rocio Guenther
  136. “Great read. Awesome article!” -Thelma Hinojosa
  137. “I can’t to hear about all the cool places in SA I don’t know about. Thanks so much for caring the poeple in our awesome city!” -Julia Bates
  138. “BRAVO!” -Rolando Briseno
  139. “Good info!” -Ken
  140. “Keep up the great work.” -David Valadez
  141. “I like the objectivity of the reporting!” – Bryon Reed
  142. “Wonderfully uplifting story!! God Bless you all!” -Randy Malone
  143. “Enjoy your topics to report. Right on!” -Jimmy Toubin
  144. “Excellent, informative, accurate!!!” -CalGal
  145. “Thank you for all you do!” -Madison Wilson
  146. “Wonderful to hear how important that arts are to the San Antonio community.” -Linda Silva
  147. “Wow, so inspiring!! Great job.” -Jack Kardys
  148. “Awesome! Love this.” -Art
  149. “Andale. Let’s keep producing.” Marisela
  150. “Awesome job. Well deserved!” -Alex Pugh
  151. “You are my main source of local news.” -Casten Griffin
  152. “I believe in real news.” -Marsha Krassner
  153. “I appreciate recieving the current local news.” -Nancy Fillerton
  154. “The reporting gives me hope during these very troubling times. I believe in your mission!” -Lauretta Bateman
  155. “Supporting SA’s non-profits.” -Cristian Sandoval
  156. “I need thoughtful information.” -Ryland Howard
  157. “I check the website everyday.” -Madison Wilson
  158. “I like thoughtful coverage and think having this news site around is a good thing.” -Tiffany Heikkila
  159. “I enjoy the newsletters.” -Lily Jacobson
  160. “I value real news.” -Bob & Amanda Harris
  161. “Good to be informed.” -Lee Beekly
  162. “I like to keep up with what is happening in San Antonio.” -Richard Lane
  163. “Encouraged by your exceptional work- regarding education in particular.” -Kathy & Mike MacNaughton
  164. “I support Rivard Report.” -Christopher Burney
  165. “It’s a great source of unbiased news!!!” -Travis Cox
  166. “I enjoy the reporting the RR does.” -Aaron Buchanan
  167. “Encouraged by he Report’s quality and Bob’s integrity and service to the community.” -Bill Whiting
  168. “Great reporting.” -Wendy Atwell
  169. “I appreciate the work that you do for our city!” -Jessica Stanco
  170. “I love what you guys do!” -Ryan Condon
  171. “The Rivard Report is the realest, most respectable news source in San Antonio.” -Alyssa Bunting
  172. “I enjoy reading the articles.” -Eric Fenton
  173. “I want the Rivard Report to be my local community information resource.” -Kelly Kuhle
  174. “Local/State/Accurate.” -Bonnie Conner
  175. “I’m a subscriber to the Rivard Report!” -Celeste Parziale
  176. “I love the reporting style and the diversity of the content.” -Brenda Burton
  177. “Good reporting is essential.” -Kelly Montgomery
  178. “I care about Rivard Reports continued future success.” -Scott Gray
  179. “New to San Antonio, like what we’ve seen.” -Vinsen & Pam Faris
  180. “I am a loyal reader of the Rivard Report.” -Lora Watts
  181. “I appreciate what you are doing.” -Howard Falkenberg
  182. “We need real news.” -Denise OKeefe
  183. “I like it.” -Anne Parrish
  184. “The fourth estate is under attack. We need smart, bipartisan journalists.” -Jessica Vidal
  185. “I love the Rivard Report and the way you report the news.” -Brooke Meabon
  186. “I care.” -Diane Gonzales
  187. “I read it every day and it has the content I am interested in.” -Cari Hill
  188. “You are doing a good job!” -Erin Bowman
  189. “I choose to support.” -Colleen Mahoney
  190. “The Rivard Report is an asset to this City and to my work.” -Christopher Lazaro
  191. “I enjoy your reporting and learning about SA.” -Charles Clines
  192. “Read if you are a San Antonio native and enthusiast.” -Jake Laubach
  193. “I strongly believe in the importance of independent news resources.” -Alicia Spence-Schlesinger
  194. “I believe in community journalism!” -Mark & Stacy Larson
  195. “I am an advocate for unbiased reporting.” -Tom McGuire
  196. “You guys report on news by giving facts not opinions and allowing the reader to make their own conclusion.” -Natalie Medina
  197. “I’m encouraged by supporting good journalism.”“-Jesus Zuniga
  198. “I enjoy the writing.” -Stephani Walsh
  199. “I am a current member and I support the organization.” -Peggy Walker
  200. “Local journalism is important.” -Scott Keeler
  201. “The newsletter is very informative.” -Mark McGrath
  202. “I enjoy reading the Rivard Report.” -Andrew Wood
  203. “I read it each day!” -Marlene Richardson
  204. “Even though I live in Austin, I find very interesting and relevant articles in the Rivard Report.” -Brooke Bailey
  205. “I appreciate your coverage.” -John Seybold
  206. “I enjoy the writing very much and find it relevant and enriching.” -Sybel Pici
  207. “We like the great work you are doing!” -Kopplow Construction Co.
  208. “It is important to keep this source of news.” -Doug Smith
  209. “I believe in an open, free press.” -Randy Baker
  210. “I like facts.” -Dudley Harris
  211. “I enjoy reading in depth reporting about local issues that affect our growing city.” -Emily McChesney
  212. “I believe in quality local news and information.” -Matthew West
  213. “I enjoy the Rivard Report every morning.” -Erika Ragsdale
  214. “Accurate news reporting is more important now than ever before…” -Robert Klein
  215. “I read it every day.” -Recep Osten
  216. “The RR provides me with pertinent, timely information about my city without a plethora of ads.” -Belinda Gavallos
  217. “I love the Rivard Report!” -Keri Moses
  218. “Good journalism.” -John Agather
  219. “Great writing/reporting.” -Gretchen Huddleston
  220. “Support membership!!” -Raymond Carvajal
  221. “Good information, good commentary.” -Jonathon Robertson
  222. “Good source of important information.” -Robert L. Logan
  223. “You’re awesome and local!” -Marco Carmona
  224. “We believe in the Rivard Report’s commitment to excellence and it’s full representation of the City!” -OCI Group
  225. “I use to live in SA & I like local journalism.” -Mary Walker
  226. “I love the stories you cover and the voice you provide on local issues.” -Nicholas Reisen
  227. “Local journalism matters.” -Hugh Donagher
  228. “I enjoy this newsletter.” -Barbara C. Allen
  229. “You do good work and offer in-depth background on items I am interested in.” -Mary Grace Ketner
  230. “I appreciate local news and perspective.” -Kathy Lawless
  231. “I believe in public support of unbiased issues.” -Steve & Nina Neish
  232. “I support your mission.” -Jerald Bailey
  233. “I love their type of journalism.” -Roberto Prestigiacomo
  234. “We want to support the mission of the Rivard Report.” -Joe & Carolyn Labatt
  235. “The quality of the publication and known Rivard.” -Richard Gambitta
  236. “I love the reporting.” -Beverly Bryars
  237. “Encouraged by the great work you do.” -Sam Schaefer
  238. “I like the information your provide.” -Zada True-Courage
  239. “I like the Report.” -Michael Goldstein
  240. “I read the Rivard Report regularly and appreciate the local insight.” -Alicia Guerrero
  241. “I fully support a reliable news source I can depend on!” -Victor Mendoza
  242. “San Antonio needs the quality reporting of the Rivard Report; I read it frequently.” -Matthew Reedy
  243. “Ya’ll are the best!” -Rachel Holland
  244. “I believe in the importance of good journalism.” -Tracy Hamilton
  245. “The Rivard Report is my “go to” local resource for news and information.” -Rebecca Helterbrand
  246. “I trust your reporting and appreciate your objectivity.” -Adriana Contreras
  247. “We need and informed citizenry to carry out its mission. We love what the Rivard Report is doing!” -William Richardson
  248. “I want to support good journalism.” -Jerrie Bethel
  249. “You are becoming one of the best local sources of news!” -Sean Carreon
  250. “I like the Rivard Report reporting of the facts!” -Margie Arnold
  251. “I believe in the Rivard Report.” -Gina Galaviz Eisenberg
  252. “I want to support local non-partisan journalism.” -Elliot Grochal
  253. “I am so impressed by the way the Rivard Report uses it’s voice to highlight SA’s nonprofit community.” -Andie McClendon
  254. “I love my city and my community.” -Brooke Kearney
  255. “Free press is important.” -Sherri Lorber
  256. “You are doing a great service.” -Steve Hixon
  257. “I appreciate good journalism and have recently ended my Express-News subscription.” -Rue Wood
  258. “I care about the freedom of the press.” -Cynthia Hamilton
  259. “High quality reporting.” -Susan Ghertner
  260. “I love San Antonio.” -Alan Brown
  261. “I enjoy your articles and think the best government is at the local level.” -Jan Puckett
  262. “Real journalism is important!” -Timothy Schroeder
  263. “I value the content and the organization’s commitment to urban San Antonio.” -Corky Roth
  264. “I enjoy reading about SA and have always trusted the Reports news judgement.” -Thomas Stephenson
  265. “I support independent local journalism that focuses on communities like mine.” -Brian Dillard
  266. “Informative and interesting.” -Paul Ringenbach
  267. “I love you guys and value the efforts to evolve and galvanize the city.” -Susan Price
  268. “I appreciate the quality of the stories and information.” -Laura Vaccaro
  269. “Good reporting of local news.” -Stanley Schoenbaum
  270. “I like and admire the Rivard Report.” -Ann Wells
  271. “I love the Rivard Report…it’s much better than the Express News.” -Christy Rhone
  272. “I appreciate and enjoy the reporting.” -Michelle Michelman
  273. “I enjoy reading your daily emails.” -Heidi Schoenfeld
  274. “I feel this is an indispensable source of information.” -Taylor Watson
  275. “I appreciate the info and insights offered.” -Jane Thomas
  276. “The Rivard Report cares about community and consistently holds the standard of excellence high.” -Deborah Kaercher
  277. “You are a good source of information.” -June Kachtik
  278. “I enjoy reading the RR.” -Armen Babajanian
  279. “We care about the future of San Antonio, Texas.” -Maryanne & Tom Guido
  280. “I admire the reporting and commentary in the Rivard Report.” -Edward Conroy
  281. “I want to support accurate, independent local news.” -Christine Westerman
  282. “Your coverage makes me a better, well-informed and engaged citizen.” -Michele Brown
  283. “I like keeping up with San Antonio news.” -Ann Karam
  284. “I appreciate coverage of local issues of substance, without blood, guts, and gore.” -Diane Duesterhoeft
  285. “I read the Rivard Report and appreciate the publication.” -Shahrzad Dowlatshahi
  286. “I’m encouraged to read by informed, valuable, thorough news coverage about important issues to the community. Great work!” -Leslie Harlan
  287. “I believe in independent news and media.” -Rachel Cavazos
  288. “I like the focus on public education.” -Amy Contreras
  289. “This is the best place to find out what’s going on in San Antonio.” -Shelly Jewett
  290. “We want to support vital services that the Rivard Report provides to our community.” -Elizabeth & Drew Cauthorn
  291. “I believe in good journalism.” -Karen Tumulty
  292. “This is a vote of affirmation for the great work that the Rivard Report has done so far.” -Patrick Driscoll
  293. “Excellent reporting!” -Linda Hamilton
  294. “I value a reliable source of law news; I can depend on the Rivard Report.” -Linda McManus
  295. “I enjoy the Rivard Report with its focus on local business and community issues.” -Teresa Guerra
  296. “We need reliable local reporting.” -Milinda Schwab
  297. “I am thrilled to be joining the San Antonio community and I value independent, responsible journalism.” -Sudha Seshadri
  298. “This is a very newsworthy publication and trustworthy.” -Bekki Kowalski
  299. “Fake news is free; responsible journalism isn’t.” -Heather McCreery
  300. “The Rivard Report is a valuable community resource.” -Rodney Anderson
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This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.