With all of the affordability, culture and community life that San Antonio has to offer, it’s no surprise the city has been attracting so many new residents. Credit: Storyblocks

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Those of us who call San Antonio home know what a wonderful place it is to live, own a home, and raise a family. Now new data shows that the word has gotten out about our city, and Texas now has over half a million new residents flocking here every year. 

In 2019 San Antonio ranked third on the list of U-Haul Destination cities, which calculates the number of one-way moving trucks entering a state versus leaving a state each year. There are so many reasons to love San Antonio, but one big reason our city is so attractive is the comparatively low cost of living. According to PayScale.com, the cost of living in San Antonio is much lower than West Coast metros such as Los Angeles, where housing is about 200% more expensive.

Recently, we’ve seen an influx of more residents from out of state who are choosing to make Texas their home. According to a relocation report by Texas Realtors, data showed that in 2019 Texas welcomed well over 500,000 new residents from other states, with the highest number of new residents moving from California and Florida. 
One of the reasons we see this happening is because when compared to other Texas cities, San Antonio is more affordable, with the cost of living 12% higher in Austin, 18% higher in Dallas, and even 14% higher in Houston.

San Antonio also offers 17 great public school districts across the city, as well as numerous free public charter and private school options. To get a world-class education students don’t even need to leave the city once they graduate high school, with the University of Texas at San Antonio being one of the fastest-growing public universities in the city and the second-largest campus for the UT system.

The city also boasts an amazing children’s museum, multiple art and history museums, and annual community events like Fiesta and Dreamweek, providing residents with many opportunities to feel that beautiful sense of community that every big city longs to cultivate.

With all of the affordability, culture, and community life that San Antonio has to offer, it’s no surprise the city has been attracting so many new residents. If you are looking to call San Antonio home, or you are in the market for a new home, don’t enter the market alone. A real estate agent can walk you through the entire process and do the heavy lifting for you. Finding the right agent for your home search is crucial in finding the right home.

In this competitive housing market, a real estate agent will be your indispensable advocate to make sure you get the right house for the right price without opening yourself to unnecessary risk. As Realtors and residents of this beautiful city, we are happy to help locals and new faces find their homes. If you are interested in connecting with an agent for all your home buying, selling, or leasing needs, visit SABOR.com and click the “Find a Realtor” button. Talk to an agent and get expert advice today!

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