Lionel Sosa describes his technique and process behind his work. Photo by Scott Ball.
Lionel Sosa describes the technique and process behind his work. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

In my mind, the real question is, “What now, Mr. Trump?”

As much as I appreciate your excellent piece and ardent support, I’m a big boy and no stranger to criticism.

The truth is I don’t feel ostracized by the Republican Party, only by the angry ones who sent me the emails you mentioned. Those folks are alive and well.

And so are the nine of 10 Republicans, who unlike me, voted for Trump. Many did so because they love him, others even if they didn’t. In the end, most Republicans simply cast their vote for the Republican nominee. Period.

The big discovery of this election is that millions of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, voted for Trump just so they could snub their nose at the “Washington establishment.” That sentiment overruled the notion that a Republican could not win the White House counting primarily the White vote. Yet the White vote won it for him.

About every eight years or so, Americans want a change in Washington. But never have they wanted it so badly that they chose a man disliked by more than half of the population.

I called it wrong. And I called it wrong publicly. So now, all I can do is paraphrase the lyrics from my favorite song in the musical Chicago: “I had it coming, I had it coming, I only have myself to blame.”

When sworn in, Trump will be the president, and therefore, my president. I’m with Tom Hanks when he said, “I hope he does such a good job that I’ll vote for him in four years.”

Lionel Sosa is CEO of Yes! Our Kids Can, a not-for-profit organization. Its mission: to disrupt generational poverty by instilling a success mindset in every family, no matter their financial circumstance.