i tasted the old Mexico dirt
for the last time in Mexicali

my tongue felt the burning taste
of fear piss  dirt & broken glass

my tongue wanted to spit out
the dirt

but el hijueputa coyote told us
with his chilango slang
no alsen la mirada cabrones
o se los lleva a todos la chingada 

i grunted like a pig
i coughed & pushed my head
against the hot dirt

sharp bits of glass & dirt got
into my mouth

broken glass cut
my tongue

i swallowed the old Mexico dirt
for the last time as the hot wind
splashed against my bones

a long-slept river
made out of dried tears
woke up inside of me

i tasted its dried banks
with the tip of my cut tongue

i stayed down
my head          heavy
pressed against the hot dirt

my right ear burnt
as the dead chanted my name;

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Gerardo Pacheco Matus is a Mayan Native and recipient of fellowships from Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, CantoMundo, The Frost Place, and Macondo. Pacheco was awarded the Joseph Henry Jackson Award. His...