After Morgan Parker & J Cole

I found more drugs at university/ Matt and Mateo are both dead and for the same reason/I mean: I knew of this before ucla/ Ritalin/ Adderall/ Vyvanse/ all used in the AP courses/that I begged to attend/and be in /and I knew the smart kids also smoked weed/ but they got grounded/ not arrested/ and I was sober by then/ my Mom knew by then /of the slanging/ of the money that supported/ I knew by then/ how laced rolling alone hurts your teeth/ and how it made me happy when nothing couldn’t/ how it deters the memories of my assault/ I knew I was avoiding/ and they are here now/ I mean I still want to avoid/ in these classes now/ I’m somehow at university now/ but my friends are in jail/ some of them six feet deep/ in a soil that birthed us first/ my friends are hungry so they find a rich soil/ but Matt takes Adderall/ Matt took it in my AP class/ he is a bruin now/and I heard all bruins take Adderall/ I once ran into Matt hallucinating off of LSD in the middle of Frat row/I walked him home/Matt will never get caught/ Matt’s dorm is never raided/ and my friends ares still in jail/ my friends y’all /My friends are still dead/and my friends would split the dorm food with me/ my friends would never rat/ my friends would walk me home and then beat my ass for being stupid/my friends aren’t white/ it is hard to be friends with students who don’t have to work/ but listen/ I don’t want Matt in jail either/ I don’t want Matt to die/ I don’t hate white kids/I don’t want anyone in jail/substance abuse took Matt/ substance took Mateo/substance abuse almost took me/substance abuse still wants to take me/Matt and Mateo could probably never be friends but I’d rather have them alive than write this poem.

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Francisco Aviles Pino

Francisco Aviles Pino Jr. is an undocumented writer, producer and cultural organizer from Acapulco Guerrero and lives in Los Angeles, Ca. They're currently a fellow for Brave New Films engaging community...