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In our beautifully diverse and multicultural city of San Antonio, it’s so common to hear a wide array of languages being spoken that it might be easy to forget what a gift it is to be able to speak multiple languages and live in a multilingual community.

According to data from the 2016 Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, about 34% of the Bexar County population speaks Spanish at home, and in some zip codes as much as 72% of the population speaks a language other than English in their home.

Chances are, though, if we don’t hear the language spoken in our own homes, we won’t be able to pick it up well enough to get along in a conversation. To become fluent in any language, most of us will need personal tutors like the ones found on Preply, which connects language learners with instructors in a one-on-one tutor model. Thousands of private tutors offer lessons in more than 50 different languages.

According to Preply, a lot of us are interested in becoming fluent in another language, with about 20,000 San Antonio-based users visiting the Preply website or app so far in 2021. And it’s not just San Antonio. As a state, Texas has the third-highest number of active learners using Preply. Texans are turning to Preply most often to learn Spanish and English, but they are also becoming fluent in French, Chinese, and Arabic. 

The ability to understand and communicate with different language speakers in your community is great, but maybe the past year has left you feeling stir crazy and you’re ready to get out and see the world. You are certainly not alone in that feeling. Air travel this year so far is up more than 300% over 2020 levels, according to data from the Transportation Security Administration. 

As COVID-19 vaccination rates continue to climb in the United States and across the globe, more countries are loosening travel restrictions and opening their borders to international travelers for the first time in more than a year. This is great news for airlines, the tourism industry, and travel lovers everywhere. Travel is not yet quite back to 2019 levels, though, and some may still be hesitant or unable to travel to the country they dream of visiting.

Whether you’ve already bought the airplane ticket for your international trip or you’re planning to wait until next year, either way, you can prepare by learning the language of your destination country with a Preply tutor. Being able to communicate with the locals in their own language is an indispensable tool that will make any international vacation more enjoyable. Preply allows language learners to learn remotely through conversations and lessons from real native language speakers.

Maybe you dream of international travel but aren’t planning a trip because there’s no room in the budget for an extra expense. Preply can help with that, too. Any language you speak fluently can be an asset that you can turn into a side income through tutoring with Preply. Tutors get to set their own rates and hours, teach from any location with just an internet connection and a computer, and get paid regularly using safe, digital forms of payment. 

The world is more connected than it has ever been in human history, making it more important than ever to be multilingual. Fortunately, Preply’s learning platform makes language acquisition more effective and easier than ever before. Learn a language and experience the world with Preply.

Preply is an online learning platform, connecting a global network of hundreds of thousands of learners with 40k+ bookable tutors teaching over 50 languages.