Phillip James  graduated from The University of Incarnate Word last year but that doesn’t mean he has yet to make an impact on San Antonio’s filmmaking scene. Even before becoming a student of  the University’s Convergent Media program, James was working in film while he attended NISD’s Communications Arts magnet school within San Antonio’s William H. Taft High School.  Throughout his eight years of media and filmmaking education in San Antonio he has managed to build an impressive resume including a post-apocalyptic short film, several spectacular music videos filmed in San Antonio for local artists, a best directing award in a local 48-hour film festival  and even a nine-minute documentary on San Antonio’s Food Bank featured below.

James filmed the piece for a Media Ethics course required within UIW’s Convergent Media program.  After watching it, I suggest SA Food Bank  reach out for some new talent to help advertise their cause. Luckily for James, local opportunities have arisen for his talents as he has collaborated with the University of Texas Health Science Center on a series of educational films, a promotional video for a defensive driving school in Austin and even a few local drunk driving PSAs. The fourth young or student filmaker featured here, James continues to produce vibrant and prolific filmmaking in San Antonio.

Phillip James
Phillip James filming with a professional camera inside UIW’s Library.

Find James’ other works on Youtube and Vimeo pages along with his personal page.

–Donald Dimick

Rivard Report video editor & Trinity University student, Class of ’13.