This map shows the location of shot civilians in police related incidents in Bexar County since 2015. Credit: Emily Royall / San Antonio Report

Since 2015, there have been 47 law enforcement officer-related shootings in which civilians were injured or killed in Bexar County, according to data provided by the Texas Justice Initiative (TJI), an Austin-based nonprofit that collects and analyzes state criminal justice data.

The data includes shootings involving both San Antonio Police Department officers and Bexar County Sheriff deputies. Twenty-six of the shootings, or 55 percent, resulted in civilian deaths, according to the data. In both fatal and nonfatal shootings, 69 percent of the civilians were Hispanic, 21 percent were white, and 10 percent were black. Ninety-four percent of those shot were male.

The data shows the locations of officer-related shooting incidents that resulted in the death or injury of a civilian. The majority of shootings occurred on the San Antonio’s West and Northeast sides.

The majority of officers involved in the shootings – about 72 percent – were Hispanic. The average age of both officers and civilians involved in the shootings was 36 years old.

In the map below, hover over each location to learn about the incident.

Over the same time period in Bexar County, six officers were injured in shootings, resulting in two deaths, according to the TJI data.

Since 2015, the Texas Attorney General’s Office has been required to publish annual reports of law enforcement officer-related shootings, according to Article 2.139 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. The latest report from 2017 showed a total of 158 shooting incidents statewide, resulting in 80 deaths and 78 injuries to individuals, as well as 21 officer injuries, and five officer deaths.

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Emily Royall

Emily Royall is the Rivard Report's former data director.