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Join ARTS San Antonio for Flamenco Legends by Javier Limón: The Paco de Lucía Project on Friday, Nov. 10, 7:30 p.m. at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre. Tickets are going fast! Click here for to purchase tickets at an exclusive discount.

Flamenco music has a way of captivating a person and influencing them to feel a different type of passion, vivacity, and pain within a story being told. Combining the different Spanish traditions of folkloric music, Flamenco is influenced by all the stories, sounds, and people seen throughout the Latin community. Mirroring the same colorful culture that is instilled in the Flamenco music, San Antonio has a rich sense of Hispanic culture. San Antonio is richly infused with colorful murals on the sides of buildings downtown, citywide festivities, Tejano music, and eccentricity. San Antonio is prepared for a Flamenco experience above and beyond ordinary, making it the perfect stop for Flamenco Legends by Javier Limon: The Paco de Lucía Project.

The group, from Madrid, Spain, is comprised of six men whose talents come together to bring an eclectic sound of passion and story. Members include Israel Suárez “Piraña,” on percussion, Antonio Serrano on harmonica, Antonio Sanchez on guitar, Alain Perez on bass, David de Jacoba on vocals, and dancer Antonio Fernandez “Farruco.” When combined, the ensemble brings Flamenco to life with elements that stay true to its historical roots while adding a contemporary twist.

The inspiration behind Flamenco Legends is Francisco Gustavo Sánchez Gómez, better known as Paco de Lucía. Lucía played a major role in legitimizing Flamenco music in Spain. He developed an acclaimed guitar style, traditional to flamenco music, and collaborated with the likes of Richard Chapman and Eric Clapton. Lucía composed his music to combine the mix of picados, resguados (Flamenco strumming), with the sounds of jazz. Influenced by jazz, Lucía contemporized Flamenco sound and evolved the genre of Latin Jazz. He paved the way for future musicians to explore new sounds and collaborate with other realms of music, creating a fluidity with sounds that has not been thought of before. After his death in 2014, Lucía won the 2014 Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year for his album: Canción andaluza.

Flamenco Legends in concert is worth experiencing. Their musical romance transcends the melodies and somber sounds of traditional Flamenco. To be able to experience Flamenco in this light and see how music, traditions, and hearts of all Latin communities are intertwined is an experience like no other.

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The Paco de Lucía Project holds the same elements from the band that Javier Limon, a highly renowned Flamenco guitarist, toured with for 10 years. Besides his talents as a flamenco guitarist, Javier Limon has also produced, sang, written, and composed many different Flamenco pieces within the music industry and collaborated with multiple artists including the likes of Enrique Morente, Remedios Amaya, and Potito and Montse Cortes. Limon, a fan of Japanese haiku, crafted his writing techniques to mirror the same type of poetic style at that of haiku poetry. In some cases, Limon wrote the lyrics before composing a song’s melody.

Be sure to attend this once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre on Nov. 10, at 7:30 p.m. Leave feeling inspired and empowered by the sounds of Spain brought to you by Flamenco Legends by Javier Limon: The Paco de Lucía Project.

Tickets may be purchased at ticketmaster.com, artssa.org or by calling 210-226-2891.

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