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When you think colorful, bright, and full of personality, Chef Tim the Girl is likely top of mind. Chef Tim McDiarmid has been a San Antonio inspiration, influential in the event, catering, and culinary space since the beginning of the pop-up dining trend and Instagram-worthy table spread.

For those of you who don’t know her, McDiarmid is a Canadian native who has deeply planted roots in New York City and Texas. She has become a well-versed San Antonio chef and entrepreneur who has used her unique skill set to impact people’s lives through her immaculate foods and over-the-top events. In fact, there is nothing boring or dull about anything she touches.

A portion of McDiarmid’s success can be credited to her fresh and vibrant approach to cooking and development, which has been inspired by the Italian Riviera and the private tours she and her business partner curate. The result is nothing short of dishes packed with flavor while still expressing the simplicity of the foods, and they are always almost too pretty to eat.

McDiarmid’s areas of expertise have not gone unnoticed, not only throughout Texas but nationally as well. Most recently, she competed on the Food Network show “Chopped”, continuing to show that she is a force to be reckoned with as she expands her career and influences others as a top female chef regionally, nationally, and internationally.

As a culinary expert, McDiarmid has expanded her career into three successful businesses. They were inspired by her vision of providing healthy and sustainable food throughout the San Antonio area and encouraging others to do the same. She has a gift for creating an experience for her guests through specifically designed dishes, which can be seen in her Tim The Girl Catering business as well as in her San Antonio restaurant, The Good Kind, which offers local dishes and drinks. She and her team at Ivy Hall Events also help transform clients’ visions into reality for a variety of small- and large-scale events. They ensure guests enjoy a vibrant and artistic take on hospitality and a lush garden oasis in the historic King William neighborhood, perfect for celebrations of all types.

McDiarmid also uses her passion and knowledge of the Italian Riviera to co-develop tours to Italy with Italian Fix. The chance to join her on a carefully planned, one-of-a-kind trip that goes beyond the typical busful of camera-snapping tourists is a rarity. This experience offers guests the chance to visit and stay in historic locations, enjoy homemade Italian dishes in a grandma’s kitchen, and explore locally known shops, villages, and restaurants.

McDiarmid takes the stress out of traveling so guests need only to show up and find their own Italian passion. She allows travelers to live like a local and visit Italy in a way travel companies and private trips cannot offer. Having a guide who knows the language, has local Italian connections, visits rare yet incredible locations, and considers every travel aspect, changes the entire Italian experience. The most interesting part is that a group of strangers can have a much-deserved break and share life-changing experiences that have them leaving as friends. For the first time, some of the 2022 trips are co-ed. Some trips will remain all-female as they have been, so be on the lookout for each.

McDiarmid continues to prove herself through her businesses and continual exploration, which is seen in her punchy flavors and carefully planned events. In addition to the Italian Fix tours, she is passionate about inspiring women and encouraging them to create businesses for themselves, thereby increasing female leadership through the culinary world. McDiarmid believes all women can make an impact and pursue their passions. The fact that she grew up in the country, works as a chef in New York, and developed a palate of international style makes her an ideal female leader in the business and culinary world. You won’t want to miss out on a transformational interaction with McDiarmid through a nontraditional tour of Italy, a spirited and personally planned event, or, of course, a rare and covetable Chef Tim special.

Book now at https://www.italianfix.com/travel/cinque-terre-discoverly/.

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