A wall displays all-access passes from CE Group events through the years. Credit: Brianna Perez

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It’s time to pull back the curtain, get behind the camera and understand the inception of the story with an all-access opportunity to a behind-the-scenes look at the CE Group Inc. The company specializes in experience marketing with a more than 30 year history in San Antonio, touching many of the city’s most recognized events with unrivaled expertise.

The CE Group Inc. has had a front row seat for numerous incredible happenings and experiences throughout the years. It has been back of house, behind the curtain and behind the scenes of the development, creation and launch of significance and success for its clients and the community. As ideators, planners, designers, creators and directors who go for impact and WOW, they make most of what’s planned seem invisible so that what’s noticed are the things that matter. They are the storytellers and producers that weave compelling experiences together to create standing ovation moments.

The CE Group defines experience marketing as using in-person and digital resources to promote products and services that create long-lasting impressions. This results in enduring relationships and opens the doors to future business opportunities. Over the years, the CE Group has consistently evolved how it measures its own success, and how it provides support to the San Antonio community and clients alike to make goals realities. We are about compelling experiences.

The company’s origins began from two main services: communication and events. These services work in tandem and are where the CE namesake originated. The resounding belief was that to have a successful event, there needed to be intentional marketing and communication leading up to, during and ongoing after. Through communication and events working together, the CE Group vision took shape.

Throughout the history of the company, there naturally has been growth and change. There have been numerous employees, interns, staffers and a truly impressive number of relationships built, fostered and maintained. Although evolution has occurred, the CE Group has remained true to its strong suit — that it is able to excel in the lane of “return on impressions” through delivering experiences in various ways.

Philanthropy and giving back to the San Antonio community have been pillars of strength for the CE Group. The company is deeply involved with the city and community in various ways and realizes the importance of giving back. Since the company was founded, the CE Group has worked with numerous nonprofits throughout the city, further strengthening its relationships and making them a significant asset.

It is evident that the CE Group is a team that thrives off a multitude of resources and relationships that span decades. As a company, it offers five core areas of service: events, destination management, communication, creative and venue consulting. Although each service can stand on its own, the company is able to produce its best results while working as an integrated team.


The experienced team helps reach goals, whether that means building stronger brand awareness while enhancing customer loyalty, celebrating and engaging with the community, or raising funds for a mission-driven initiative. The team meticulously manages all details from theme development, overall concept and thoughtful messaging to budgets, start-to-finish logistics, production and creating and updating all coinciding documents to support the experience.

Destination management

The CE Destination Management Company (CE DMC) is made up of local destination experts who finesse every detail of programs and projects from transportation logistics to personalized experiences. It is the only certified destination management company in San Antonio and is a proud member of the DMC Network and many destination marketing organizations. The team embodies experienced hospitality professionals who understand the significance of meetings, conventions, incentives and events.


The communication team is dedicated to supporting client goals by engaging key audiences across platforms. It influences conversation through targeted messaging and impacts results with innovative strategies.


The creative team blends outstanding design and thoughtful communication to create powerful brand stories. With unmatched creativity, impeccable attention to detail and compelling results, the team helps clients stand out to their audiences that matter most.

Venue consulting

The venue consulting team has decades of experience both consulting and operating in all kinds of spaces — indoor, outdoor and even underground. Supporting and navigating developmental plans for how events of all scales can be accommodated in various environments is a strong suit of the company. This includes working with executives, property management teams and personnel, combining expertise and relationships to provide knowledgeable insight and recommendations for clients to be set up for success.

The CE Group’s extensive history, historical knowledge, endless resources and integrated project management skills equip the company with the assets to deliver at the highest caliber for its clients, all while giving back to the community and continuing to celebrate each and every step along the way. We invite you to join us on our red carpet journey. Visit our website at https://www.cegroupinc.net/ and follow us on social media — on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn — as we continue to create first and lasting impressions.

The CE Group Inc.

Founded in 1990, the CE Group has been behind the scenes of San Antonio’s most transformative events and campaigns. Led by the founder Janet Holliday, the company offers services such as events, destination...