The Rivard Report, now in its sixth year of publication, has grown significantly since it became a nonprofit in late 2015. That growth continues today at every level. With your participation in The Big Give SA, starting tonight at midnight through midnight Friday, the growth of our community enterprise will continue apace.

Our mission remains the same: We believe a well informed and connected community is essential to making San Antonio a better place to live, work, and play. You can depend on our local journalism. It’s credible, fact-based, and aims to drive civic engagement throughout the greater San Antonio area. We are working to help build a better San Antonio for every resident. We ask you to support that mission.

The Rivard Report continues to build a sustaining foundation of individual and business members and attract strong foundation and philanthropic support. Our advertising reflects how many local businesses, from giants like H-E-B to smaller companies like Alamo Brewery, support our journalism and value the ability to connect with our readers. Our editorial content and our advertising are carefully curated. We don’t subject our readers to clickbait, video ads that block immediate access to articles, tabloid journalism, or partisan-driven content disguised as news.

The staff here has grown from four people in late 2015 to 11 editors, reporters, photojournalists, and contributing writers today. A talented three-person staff handles development, advertising, and membership. Everyone who works at the Rivard Report is passionate about their work and life in this city. If you have not yet met any members of our team we hope that will happen soon.

The number of articles, commentaries, videos, and photo galleries we will publish this year will again grow significantly compared to last year, as will the size and engagement of our reading audience. We have much more on the drawing board as we continue to win new levels of community support and funding. In the coming days we will announce the hiring of a new community health reporter and contributing writers covering business and tech news. Later this year we will add a new editor-in-chief (see story this weekend), an arts and culture reporter, and – we hope – a podcast reporter, and a database reporter.

Many people I meet in the community tell me they are avid readers and intending to join as supporting members. We signed up more than 1,000 members in our first year as a nonprofit, and that number continues to grow. If, however, everyone who has told us they are going to join actually follow through, we will triple the size of that membership base. Now is a great time to take the next step and get the job done.

The Big Give SA is a 24-hour online donation campaign being conducted Thursday, May 4. The overall, community-wide fundraising goal is $6 million. Lat year the Rivard Report raised more than $17,009, despite a massive technology meltdown with the firm processing gifts, and we received a $5,000 bonus for finishing first in our category for the number of donors. This year our goal is to raise $25,000 and once again capture the bonus from The Big Give.

You can give as little as $5 to the Rivard Report or the nonprofit of your choice, but if you give $25 or more you also will become a member and receive a number of benefits as well, including preferred attendance at Rivard Report events, such as our recent private outing at the Scobee Planetarium at San Antonio College, or our coming membership event at CHRISPark with the Linda Pace Foundation.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Many givers wisely divide their donations among various local nonprofits. There are so many to choose from. We hope you find the Rivard Report‘s journalism and its service to community worthy of your investment and your generosity.

Robert Rivard

Robert Rivard is co-founder and columnist at the San Antonio Report.