The TEDxSA 2014 stage. Photo by Jackie Calvert.
The TEDxSA 2014 stage. Photo by Jackie Calvert.

The selection process for this fall’s TEDxSanAntonio was a summer-long deliberation that has produced a stellar and thought-provoking lineup for the event in November, said Kelly Strait, chair of the TEDxSanAntonio programming committee.

“The theme for this go-around is ‘Now You Know,’ which is playing off our spring theme, ‘You Think You Know.’ We accept applications for speakers and review them every two weeks,” Strait said. “It’s a group decision in the end.”

With Mayor Ivy Taylor first on the list of speakers, this will be the second time a sitting mayor will take the TEDxSanAntonio stage. Former Mayor and current U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro gave a talk on how San Antonio can compete in an increasingly global economy in 2010.

“I’m really excited for the mayor to speak, that goes without saying,” Strait said. “But I’m also really excited to see David Holmes, CEO of Santikos Entertainment. He’s not just some CEO trying to sell something, he’s talking about social enterprise.”

Strait said that Rob Wicall, the man who was best known as the Spurs Coyote for over a decade, will be a surprise hit.

The event will take place on Saturday, Nov. 12, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at the new Mays Family Center at The Witte Museum.

TEDx chapters, which are programs operated independently of the popular TED (technology, entertainment, design) talks, have sprouted up around the world. Early-bird tickets, $15 off the regular price, are available now here until Friday, Sept. 16. Regular tickets prices are $45 for students,$ 65 for U.S. Military, and $85 for general admission.

This year’s speakers include:

Mayor Ivy Taylor

Mayor Taylor was appointed mayor of San Antonio in July 2014 and elected in June 2015.14. She will explain how a series of books helped her get where she is today.

Rob Wicall

After announcing his retirement as the Spurs Coyote earlier this year, Wicall will share what his unique job taught him over the years.

Stephanie Scheller 

The CEO of Scheller Enterprises, a consulting firm for small businesses, will be speaking on what life lessons she has learned from her horse.

Lindsay Bira

Bira is a clinical health psychologist and an assistant professor at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA). Among her specializations are cognitive-behavioral (CBT) orientation and PTSD detection. She will be speaking on precisely when people should do the opposite of what they normally do.

Ethan Aldrich

A software developer and project manager “with a technical vision for innovation and reform” for UNIT Innovations, Aldrich has been at the forefront of technological innovation. He will speak on the business and social impacts that technological innovation gaps have on various industries as well as individuals.

Lisa Phillips

The founder, president, and CEO of Gizmo’s Gift, a nonprofit that advocates and financially assists retired military dogs, will speak on the importance of caring for military dogs both during active duty and retirement.

David Holmes

As the CEO of Santikos Entertainment, Holmes has overseen the process of taking a for-profit theater chain and turning it into a charitable organization. He will speak on the challenges this transition has presented as well as the implications for the concept of social enterprise and San Antonio.

Esteban Lopez

As the chief medical officer and president of the Southwest Texas region for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Lopez is in charge of strategies for improving public health in the region. His talk will detail the growing inequities in health care in the United States.

Sarah Lyons

As the owner and photographer of Sarah Brook Lyons Photography, Lyons has photographed people from all walks of life. She will share what she has learned about community and transformation from the many faces she has seen and and voices she has listened to.

Reuben Lashley

The youth minister for Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church will talk about the learning opportunities presented at the cross section between evolutionary biology and religious understanding.

Troy Peters

Along with being the music director for Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA), Peters has extensive conducting experience with the San Antonio Symphony, the Oregon Symphony, and others. His talk will focus on how thinking like a conductor can improve people’s leadership and collaborative skills.

Art Nicholson

Nicholson is a San Antonio attorney who has written about World War II in the 21st Century.

Heidi Musser

Musser is a former USAA executive and current moderator for leadership consulting firm Collaborative Gain and will discuss the nature of change and what it means for the average person.

Jason Straughan

As the co-founder of Codeup and founder of Grok Interactive, Straughan is changing our community by training new coders. He will speak on the importance of tech pioneers and their ability to alter workforces and communities.

Christina Wallace

Wallace is the co-host of The Limit Does Not Exist podcast, a show about the intersection of creativity and STEM. Her talk will focus on “Whole Brain Curiosity.”

Louise Craig 

Craig is a local artist who will speak on the lesser known medium of cymatics, which traps sound in glass and makes the sound waves visible.

Tony Bowie

Bowie is the employee development manager at the Southwest Research Institute. His talk will focus on humility as well as words we should use more often.

Travis Block

As the president of San Antonio Science, a local science advocacy group, and a post-doctoral research fellow at UTHSCSA, Block’s career is dependent on funding and grant proposals. In his talk, he will pose the rhetorical question: How would you spend $1 billion?

Douglas Petersen

Petersen is a motivational speaker and author of six published books of inspirational stories and thoughts. His talk will be about the day in the life of a dust-off pilot who flew unarmed helicopters to the battles’ front lines to collect wounded soldiers.

Top image: The TEDxSA 2014 stage. Photo by Jackie Calvert.

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