A musician with the Aesch Accordion Orchestra performs during a concert. Credit: Courtesy / ARTS San Antonio

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ARTS San Antonio is proud to present the 2017 Swiss Cultural Tour by the Aesch Accordion Orchestra and the Schlossbrünneli Yodeling Club from Aesch and Möriken, Switzerland on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at the Ruth Taylor Recital Hall at Trinity University. Their varied repertoire includes Swiss folk, classical accordion music, and even pop and rock, projecting the accordion as a versatile instrument.

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Folk songs are Texas’ ultimate export. Our brand of this genre encompasses the feeling of independent loneliness that only wild hearts and reckless independence can instill. But, Texans were not the first to create a genre nostalgically distinctive to the geographical features of home. Folk songs are the musical summation of culture – the musical DNA of the human spirit.

Courtesy of Arts San Antonio Credit: Courtesy / ARTS San Antonio

This interconnectivity of the human spirit through folk song is exemplified by accordion and yodeling from the Swiss Cultural Heritage Tour 2017 in concert with ARTS San Antonio.

San Antonio Development Mogul Josef Seiterle is excited for this concert. In a recent interview, he spoke highly of ARTS San Antonio’s desire to represent the many Swiss within the San Antonio area. “It’ll be a great show for all of San Antonio,” Seiterle said, adding that the generosity of the Swiss is inexplicably tied to the heart of the San Antonio community.

Credit: Courtesy / ARTS San Antonio

Come spend your evening raptured by Swiss folk songs. Twenty-two warm and soulful voices from the Swiss Yodeling Club Schlossbrünneli and the unique timbre of accordion from the twenty-piece Aesch Accordion Ensemble will elicit picturesque scenes of snowy mountains and homey hearths. Return your heart home with folk song.

Join ARTS San Antonio for the 2017 Swiss Cultural Tour by Aesch Accordion Orchestra and Schlossbrünneli Yodeling Club from Aesch and Möriken, Switzerland. Tickets are going fast!

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