A Codeup class takes place in its new location in the Vogue Building on Houston Street. Photo by Scott Ball.
Students at CodeUp work on assignments to prepare for careers in the tech industry. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

Startup Weekend San Antonio will bring together local designers, developers, startup founders, and tech experts in an intense, 54-hour event geared toward helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn concepts into realities.

Sponsored by Geekdom, iNNOV8 Place, BILTT, and the Innocenti Jones law firm, Startup Weekend San Antonio begins at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 25, and concludes at 9 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27. Tickets for the weekend event are still available. To register, click here.

“Startup weekend is a crucial first step in people understanding what it takes to be an entrepreneur,” said Dax Moreno, Geekdom’s director of programs. “What we do is give [participants] the first tools to validate their idea, think of their idea in a team environment, get feedback via mentorship, and access to cool prizes that can help build their business.”

After registrants check in at the Geekdom Event Centre, they will work with local industry experts from various sectors to learn how to build startup companies from scratch. All participants will receive a “Startup Weekend” T-shirt, and the event will be fully catered to fuel the intense activity expected.

Attendees will pitch potential ideas and learn from mentors who will be on hand to provide guidance as budding entrepreneurs form teams to develop a winning startup concept. Teams will work throughout the weekend to fine-tune the final pitches they will present Sunday evening.

Stefanie Young, a first-place winner in June’s Startup Weekend, is now an organizer for the event, as well an employee of iNNOV8 Place, a local consulting firm that specializes in catering marketing and branding to companies of all sizes and budget needs.

“Stefanie took a lot of information from the weekend in June, and is living, breathing proof of the individual growth that happens during these events,” Moreno said. “She is now in a position to pass on her knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

The winner of the best idea or pitch by popular vote will benefit from donated packages that provide support for a startup. Prizes include:

  • Geekdom memberships (A three-month membership for first place, two-month membership for second place, and one-month membership for third place);
  • Design consulting packages from BILTT;
  • Website development consulting packages from iNNOV8 Place;
  • Legal services packages from Innocenti Jones; and
  • Website hosting from Pressable.

While the programming is mainly geared toward tech companies, it can benefit founders of any kind of startup, because “tech touches every aspect of business. It is really difficult to do anything that doesn’t include technology. [In past Startup Weekends], we’ve had people design anything from physical products to delivery services to mobile apps,” Moreno said.

“The genuine excitement of San Antonio’s ecosystem will be on full display this weekend.”

For a full list of scheduled events, click here. 

Production Editor Hanna Oberhofer contributed to this report. 

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