South San Antonio Independent School District trustees accepted the “voluntary resignation” of their suspended superintendent Tuesday, a month after the board moved to terminate his contract.

Before the board accepted Marc Puig’s resignation, trustees went into a closed session in which a grievance submitted by Puig against the board was discussed. 

An hour later, trustees returned to accept Puig’s “voluntary separation agreement.” Officials declined to provide details of the agreement.

The district had paid Puig for more than five months after he was suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into a private conversation that was picked up by a live microphone. The conversation occurred at the Nov. 17 meeting between Puig and board President Ernesto Arrellano Jr., who were discussing hiring a consultant.

During that time, the board hired Henry Yzaguirre as interim superintendent, leading the district to pay the salaries of the two superintendents, which amounted to almost $200,000.

On May 18, the board voted to relieve Puig of his duties and proposed termination of his contract for good cause.

Puig served as the district’s eighth superintendent since 2010.

Before trustees voted to accept Puig’s resignation, Arrellano read part of a joint statement on behalf of Puig and the district. 

“Mark Puig has announced his voluntary resignation as superintendent of schools for the South San Antonio Independent School District, which the board of trustees has accepted.”

After all six trustees in attendance voted “yes,” Arrellano re-read the opening and completed the statement, which was meant to be read after the vote. 

“Puig and the board have reached a mutual agreement which allows Puig to pursue other interests and permit the board to pursue hiring another superintendent.”

After Tuesday’s meeting, Arrellano said he “couldn’t comment on anything that’s on [the agenda], according to attorneys.”

Arrellano also did not comment on the next steps the board will take to hire a permanent superintendent. The district’s spokeswoman also said she couldn’t comment on whether there was any financial compensation associated with Puig’s resignation. 

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