Nonprofit organizations are often seen as charitable causes rather than growing businesses, but for South Texas Money Management, a wealth management firm headquartered in San Antonio, nonprofits can represent philanthropic values while growing in financial and organizational strength.

More than 80 regional nonprofits attended the South Texas Money Management (STMM) 6th Annual Nonprofit Luncheon on Tuesday, where STMM honored the Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio, and recognized the importance of the growing nonprofit communities in San Antonio and Austin.

“STMM is always generous to the nonprofits in the community, and we are just very fortunate that we have a good relationship with them,” said Pat Bivin, the executive director for the Ronald McDonald House. “For one thing, they do a great job of managing our money, but they’re there whenever we need help with something else.”

More than 80 regional non-profits were represented at the STMM Sixth Annual Nonprofit Luncheon on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Photo by Lea Thompson.
More than 80 regional non-profits were represented at the STMM Sixth Annual Nonprofit Luncheon on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Photo by Lea Thompson.

Since 1985, the Ronald McDonald House has provided a home-away-from home for the families of sick children while they seek medical treatment in San Antonio. San Antonio has three houses, including a 16-bedroom house located inside the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, which closed in 2014 for expansion and renovations.

The Ronald McDonald House has been an STMM client since 2007, and an important resource for the San Antonio community. The nonprofit expanded its mission recently, with plans to break ground for a new 20-bedroom house near the South Texas Medical Center by year’s end. The house inside the Children’s Hospital will reopen to families in early 2016.

“Nonprofit business has been very important to STMM since the inception of the firm 15 years ago,” said Mary Hime, vice president of business development and an STMM partner. “It’s always been important from a client standpoint, but also as a passion from our employees.”

According to Hime, nearly 20% of STMM business is institutional, which includes nonprofits and foundations. Many STMM employees stay involved with the nonprofit community throughout the year, serving as volunteers and board members for local organizations and clients that include SAMM Ministries, the San Antonio Food Bank and the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas.

STMM employees also created the colorful and inventive table centerpieces prior to the event. Each centerpiece featured items such as toiletries, toys and books that will be donated to the renovated house inside the Children’s Hospital.

When STMM CEO Jeanie Wyatt founded the firm in 2000, she noticed that a large number of their clients were nonprofits, which she realized suffered from a lack of recognition in the community. She worked with Hime to develop an annual luncheon that would celebrate the contributions of the community and inspire attendees.

“Obviously, it creates some awareness of our firm and showcases our nonprofit hearts, our employees and our desire to give back to the community, but people leave recharged and are ready to fulfill their mission,” Wyatt said of the luncheon. “They also have a chance to network. There aren’t many venues where nonprofit volunteers and board members and staff can really network with other nonprofits.

“This is our largest event to date, and we’re looking to continue that growth with nonprofits going forward,” Wyatt added. “We’re looking forward to what they will do next.”

STMM employees created centerpieces for the tables. Photo by Lea Thompson.
STMM employees created centerpieces for the tables. Photo by Lea Thompson.

STMM’s annual luncheon featured a speaker who sought to motivate, rather than educate, the audience. This year’s event kicked off withThat Gratitude Guy,” David George Brooke, a motivational speaker who reminded attendees of the importance of gratitude, especially while working in a challenging career field.

“I’ve found that not only nonprofits, but any group I’ve spoken to, there’s often an unhappiness and a focus on what we don’t have,” Brooke said. “Life is not easy, but when we focus on what we do have, things will start to manifest.”

In addition to their work with nonprofits, STMM manages a wide variety of assets including equity, fixed income, and balanced asset classes for individuals, trusts, and multiple institutions. STMM has grown from their headquarters in San Antonio to include office locations in Austin, Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi.

*Top image: Mary Hime, STMM vice president of business development (left) looks on as Pat Bivin, executive director of the Ronald McDonald House, addresses the audience on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Photo by Lea Thompson. 

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