To inform readers about the candidates seeking their votes on the November ballot, the San Antonio Report asked all candidates to answer the following questions. We edited answers for clarity, not substance or grammar, and we did not fact-check responses. We restricted responses to 200 words for each question.

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Link to campaign website:



Education background/degrees earned:

Some college

Current occupation, employer, or job title:

Cloud computing engineer – Team Lead

Previous elected offices held and/or sought:


Why do you feel you are the best candidate for the office you are seeking?

I’m the only candidate dedicated to consistently scaling back the government’s control of your life across the board. The government should not take your money, dictate what you can spend it on, dictate what substances you can consume or who you can marry, or exercise any other control over you apart from preventing you from violating the rights of others.

What three issues do you feel are most important to voters in your district?

Lower property taxes, a police force that both maintains law and order and will not abuse the citizenry, and assurance that their immigrant family members have a permanent home in the United States if they so choose.

If elected, what would be your top priorities after taking office?

Being a Libertarian in a Texas House mostly inhabited by Republicans, I would have my work cut out for me. I would focus on coalition-building with Republicans on the issues we see eye-to-eye on (such as property taxes) while working to push the needle on other issues, such as marijuana decriminalization.

How has the coronavirus pandemic shaped your priorities?

It’s a wake-up call for how quickly the government can assume complete control at a moment’s notice and an indication that we need more checks in place to ensure that emergencies are actually at the scale that warrants the kinds of responses we saw before such measures are taken.

For incumbents: What do you consider your most significant accomplishments in office? What would you change?


For non-incumbents: What, if anything, would you do differently from the current officeholder?

Actually work to reduce the size and scope of the government of Texas.

This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.