The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) today announced numerous opportunities for community input regarding the recent announcement of Kansas City, Mo.-based Garney Construction purchasing up to an 80% equity stake in the Vista Ridge Pipeline project.

Garney Construction, if approved by the SAWS Board of Trustees, will utilize its more than 30 years experience with SAWS to bring the newest water resource online and further diversify the city’s water supply. Water will be piped from Burleson County, 142 miles to San Antonio and distributed throughout the city.

“Garney’s selection to move this project forward is great news, but still must be approved by the SAWS Board,” said Robert R. Puente, SAWS President/CEO. “Plus, with Garney already being part of the original Vista Ridge consortium, this will provide for greater continuity.”

To continue what has been one of the most transparent projects in recent history, community participation is encouraged at the following events:

  • April 12th, public meeting, SAWS HQ Tower 1 – Board Room and live stream available HERE.
  • Late April or May 3 – SAWS Board Meeting, SAWS HQ Board Room and live stream HERE.

“While the proposed change in partners brings many positive opportunities to the Vista Ridge project,” said Puente, “the SAWS Board will examine the issue thoroughly and hear community input before deciding the matter.”

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