Call it what you will: coffee, java, a cup of joe — it’s the hot brown liquid that makes the world go ’round. As with all big cities, San Antonio’s numerous cafes have drinks and munchies that make them unique.

Near the start of the pandemic, I set out to try to visit as many of those cafes and taste as many of those drinks as possible.

I started enjoying coffee back in my college days (and had many an overnight cup while posted up at the Denny’s in College Station to do those inevitable all-nighters). But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, I started taking an interest in various shops and their different brews, wanting to both support local businesses and try unique cups of coffee.

Since then, I’ve visited dozens of coffee shops in the San Antonio area, from Southtown to New Braunfels, from Sea World to St. Hedwig. Many of the places I visited were those along my regular route to work; as a resident on the Northside of town, US-281 is the main artery I travel.

I started Instagramming my visits, and my little personal project grew. Friends and followers asked for a map or list of all the places I’d been and asked for recommendations of the shops I’d tried.

Now, we’ve moved the map to the San Antonio Report, with the goal of visiting and describing every locally-owned coffee shop, cafe and truck in town.

We’ll be adding to the map when we can, to illuminate our growing local coffee scene and give readers a guide for where to go and what to try.

To use the map, click the locations to read more about San Antonio’s local caffeine purveyors. Blue markers are for storefronts, yellow for food trucks or drive-throughs. If you’re not a map person, you can peruse the list, below, for details on each place.

We’ve also included a list of all the shops on the map, below.

I look forward to expanding the map in all directions over time. Got a coffee stop suggestion for me? Comment below or email me at

And thanks for coming along with us on this java journey!

2 Rivers Coffee

Neighborhood: New Braunfels
Known for: Instagrammable interior and youthful staff
Sources beans from: Friday Coffee Roasters
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This magazine-worthy coffee shop is cute, fashionable, and young. Try The 2Rivers — the cafe’s signature white chocolate mocha with a dab of caramel. As the kids would say, “It slaps.”

2tarts Bakery

Neighborhood: New Braunfels
Known for: Delicious sweet treats and relaxing vibes
Sources beans from: Cuvée Coffee
Lindsey’s tasting notes: The coffee here is just as delicious as the amazing assortment of pastries. 2Tarts, which has been featured on the Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge, is everything sweet and pink. Located in New Braunfels’ historic downtown, this quaint coffee shop is a local favorite.


Neighborhood: Broadway Street near the Pearl
Known for: Chai lattes and adorable storefront
Sources beans from: Cuveé Coffee
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Don’t be fooled by the menu specializing in chai lattes; Amaretti also offers delicious coffee brews worth talking about. If you’re looking to mix up your chai life or dirty chai life however, stopping at Amaretti is a must. 

Americana Coffee & Espresso Bar

Neighborhood: Schertz
Known for: Chic, minimalistic character and college feel
Sources beans from: Broadcast Coffee
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Simple, good coffee. Americana is a hidden gem tucked away in an industrial lot in Schertz. This minimalistic, bright coffee shop has a college feel to it that will make you want to come back. 

Apollo’s Coffee Shop

Neighborhood: Bulverde
Known for: Operating out of a shipping container and unique coffee drinks
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Formerly the Coffee Pail, Apollo’s Coffee Shop is a drive-thru coffee stand built in a shipping container. Get ready to try some out-of-this-world creations if you stop here.

Berry to Bean Coffee House

Neighborhood: Broadway near Brackenridge Park
Known for: Chalkboard art and ethical sourcing
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This vegan coffee shop means lattes with milk alternatives only and delicious vegan pastries. Its hipster vibes will make you want to come back.

Black Rifle Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: Bitters
Known for: Veteran-owned, serving “coffee and culture to people who love America”
Sources beans from: Independent roaster; creates its own blends
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Known as much for its politics as its coffee, Black Rifle has become a San Antonio staple for many, although its roots are in Utah.


Neighborhood: Four locations around San Antonio; four more coming soon
Known for: Sugary delights and interesting brews
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Even without the added sweetness, Brevity coffee carries a lovely caramel-y flavor. Try their German chocolate mocha or Irish cream cold brew for silky smooth treats that will java you up.

Brown Coffee Co. – Southtown

Neighborhood: Southtown
Known for: Strong cold brew and cocktail-style iced coffees
Sources beans from: Independent, wholesale roaster, also offers subscriptions
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Brown Coffee is way more exciting than its name would imply. This coffee shop is everything a good cafe should be. Not only does Brown serve up a single cube for iced coffee, like you’re sippin’ an old-fashioned, but the machine that seals its to-go cups is also pretty cool to watch. Get there early in the day, though — parking in the area fills up fast.

Coffee Crush

Neighborhood: Bulverde and 1604
Known for: Friendly, hands-on owners and super fun drinks
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This coffee shop is relatively new, having opened in the fall of 2021. The vibe here is young and fun, so it’s a great place for a meetup or hangout.

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery

Neighborhoods: Alamo Heights, Hemisfair, Five Points, the Weston Centre
Known for: French artisanal baked goods
Sources beans from: Cuvee Coffee, Ferra Coffee Roasters
Lindsey’s tasting notes:
So far I’ve only visited the Hemisfair location, and highly recommend soaking up the San Antonio vibes on the patio overlooking the park. The coffee shop is quaint as can be and makes darn good pastries.

Crosswalk at the Schmitz

Neighborhood: New Braunfels
Known for: Unique flavors and its historic location
Sources beans from: Independent roaster
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This coffee shop is at the center of New Braunfels’ historic downtown. It offers a fun assortment of coffee flavors. 

Cultura Coffee

Neighborhood: Near Palo Alto College
Known for: An eclectic exterior and imaginative interior
Sources beans from: Flat Track Coffee Co.
Lindsey’s tasting notes: A true hidden gem, this Southwest side shop is half cafe, half art studio, making for an interesting visit while you sip on some of the best-brewed coffee in town.

Curator Coffee

Neighborhood: Thousand Oaks
Known for: Its gorgeous collection of pottery for sale and fun Friday night activities
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Curator Coffee is good, but what makes this shop great is its atmosphere. Curator sells pieces by local artists and offers favorites everyone will come to love. Try the Lavender Latte for something different.

Eight Ball

Neighborhood: Southtown
Known for: Cool merch and friendly staff
Sources beans from: Creature Coffee Co.
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This coffee truck embodies sipping with style. Whether you’re looking for a slick new fit or a relaxed coffee creation, Eight Ball is a must-try. 

Estate Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: Dignowity Hill
Known for: Delicious roasts and nonchalant vibe
Sources beans from: Independent, wholesale roaster; works with family-owned importers
Lindsey’s tasting notes: One of the closest coffee shops to the San Antonio Report office, Estate is a favorite for meetups for us reporters. When the weather heats up, check out their Coffee Old Fashioned — with a double shot of espresso, bitters, splash of Topo Chico and Bourbon Barrel smoked simple syrup, it’s a sophisticated way to sip!

Folklores Coffee House

Neighborhood: Government Hill
Known for: Relaxed atmosphere and puro South Side pride
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Another hidden gem of San Antonio’s is Folklores. The baristas go light on the syrups, but that’s because the coffee really speaks for itself. 

Gravves Coffee

Neighborhood: Tobin Hill
Known for: The Elixir latte and its gothic chic look
Lindsey’s tasting notes: You cannot call yourself a San Antonio coffee connoisseur if you haven’t tried the Elixir Latte. This one-of-a-kind ube (a kind of sweet potato) latte is sweet, dark, rich and creamy in all the right ways. While parking is scarce for this food-truck coffee stop, it’s worth the trouble.

Halcyon Southtown

Neighborhood: Blue Star Arts Complex
Known for: Its delicious food menu and its coffee or cocktail creations
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Halcyon is a Blue Star staple that offers unique craft coffees, cocktails and a delicious menu from morning till night. Be sure to try the Turkey Pesto Sandwich to go with an Iced Thai Latte. 


Neighborhood: Downtown
Known for: In-house art gallery
Sources beans from: Independent roaster
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This cool coffee shop has delicious Mexican-inspired flavors and is part art gallery as well. A cool stop downtown that’s fun to find and visit.

Kora Kora Coffee

Neighborhood: Gruene
Known for: Owned by a mother/daughter team
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Located in the picturesque little town of Gruene, Kora Kora Coffee is good, and the shop has a newly renovated dining area. The menu is minimalist but delish. 

Kulture Kafe

Neighborhood: Southtown
Known for: See and be seen outdoor tables, cute shops nearby
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Kulture Kafe is a coffee truck with some unique lattes. Forget pumpkin spice and try the Texas Latte for a blend of spices — it’s unlike anything you’ve had before.

Local Coffee

Neighborhood: Pearl
Known for: Its prime location and Bakery Lorraine-stock of goodies
Sources beans from: Merit Roasting Co.
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This is the last Local location of what has become Merit Coffee across the rest of the state. It’s pretty much always packed, with drinkers populating many of the outdoor tables around it. Its strong coffee pairs well with a baked good from Bakery Lorraine, located right across the lawn. 

Mila Coffee

Neighborhood: Midtown
Known for: Its location among the cute Airstream shops at Broadway News
Lindsey’s tasting notes: A great cup of coffee for any day — strong, flavorful, delicious. The only downside here is the scarce parking and that it’s closed Mondays, arguably the day we all need coffee the most.

Merit Coffee

Neighborhoods: Stone Oak, Shavano Park, Fair Oaks
Known for: Tiny crushed ice and its homemade syrups
Sources beans from: Independent, wholesale roaster: Merit supplies restaurants, hotels and retail establishments across the country.
Lindsey’s tasting notes: The coffee here is strong and the menu includes offers options for everyone. Try their fall harvest latte if you like the flavors of fall without all the extra sweetness.

Moe Jo’s 

Neighborhood: Broadway Street near Hildebrand
Known for: 1950’s-themed truck and candy cane straws
Lindsey’s tasting notes: With its fun light-up sign and tasty selections, Moe Jo’s is anything but your average cup of Joe. A convenient stop for University of the Incarnate Word and Trinity University students.

Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee

Neighborhood: Thousand Oaks
Known for: Whip cream-covered creations and drive-thru accessibility
Lindsey’s tasting notes: If you like coffee that’s more like a milkshake, try Mudslingers. Its sugary lattes look pretty enough for an Instagram post.

Niche Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: Downtown
Known for: Hearty, bold coffees
Lindsey’s tasting notes: If you like strong espresso, Niche is where it’s at. While the food truck recently moved to I-10 and Wurzbach, the brick and mortar location downtown remains.

Olla Express Cafe

Neighborhood: Marymont
Known for: Coffee flights and an ancient brewing method
Sources beans from: Independent roaster
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This coffee sweet spot grew from a coffee truck turned brick and mortar. Olla Express Cafe specializes in Mexican brews made in earthen clay pots. Olla offers a coffee flight that will rouse the soul and body and some mezcal-infused creations great for happy hour.

Olmos Perk

Neighborhood: Olmos Park
Known for: Cute as a button decor Lindsey’s tasting notes: This shop feels like it was decorated by your fun aunt who always drinks too much wine at family reunions — but, like, in a good way. The espresso has lovely notes of chocolate, and the kolaches offer a nod to the region’s Czech heritage.

On The Grind

Neighborhood: New Braunfels
Known for: Bright orange drive-thrus and its sugary sweet lattes
Lindsey’s tasting notes: A New Braunfels classic, On The Grind’s drive-thru coffee stands are sweet and fun. Whether you’re trying a normal everyday latte or the Mexican mocha, they have something for you. Careful of the bees in the summer, they like sweet coffee too!

Pan & Coffee

Neighborhood: Stone Oak
Known for: Contemporary Mexican breads and organic coffees
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Definitely make sure to order the fresh-pressed espresso. Try some delicious pan dulce with your morning brew if you’re looking for a tasty breakfast combo.


Neighborhood: Alta Vista
Known for: college student hangout, late-night bites
Sources beans from: What’s Brewing Coffee Roasters
Lindsey’s tasting notes: The coffee at Philo is great, and this small shop is located close to San Antonio College, making it a great study spot.

Poetic Republic Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: Southtown
Known for: Its Instagrammable interior, focus on books and Friday wine nights
Sources beans from: Sells bags of its own Poetic blend
Lindsey’s tasting notes:
This quaint spot is exactly what a coffee shop should be: accessible, interactive, chic. The coffee here stands out and makes a name for itself.

Press Coffee

Neighborhood: Broadway near Brackenridge Park
Known for: Its unique treehouse interior and its magic bar dessert.
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Press Coffee is smooth and decadent enough to drink black — even if you don’t think you like it like that.

Rise Up

Neighborhood: Alamo Heights, Stone Oak
Known for: Delicious acai bowls and matcha lattes
Lindsey’s tasting notes: While there’s a strong focus on acai bowls at Rise Up, the other half of this chic cafe’s menu is delicious, simple coffee options. Matcha latte fans, this is a must-stop for you — their matcha-coffee creations go above and beyond. 

Revolución Coffee + Juice

Neighborhoods: Downtown, Alamo Heights and the Rim
Known for: Cold-pressed juices and “plant-forward” bites
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This hipster-chic downtown location is fun and offers lots of healthy bites. I highly recommend the Revolución Latte. It’s got the shop name in it, for goodness’ sake.

Rosella Coffee & Wine Bar

Neighborhood: River North
Known for: Its unique loft and after-dark wine specials
Lindsey’s tasting notes: The menu at Rosella Coffee & Wine Bar is phenomenal. Grab a classic cup of joe and try the Mexi Bowl or the Egg Cloud Sandwich. Rosella is a great place to stack up for the day if you work from a computer. 

San Antonio Gold

Neighborhood: South Flores
Known for: Its robust roasts and friendly staff
Sources beans from: What’s Brewing Coffee Roasters
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Gold’s coffee is as rich as its namesake, and the staff is extremely friendly. A great pass-through, if you’re looking for a cup of joe on South Flores. 


Neighborhood: Tobin Hill
Known for: Sunny demeanor and sweet swag
Sources beans from: Onyx Coffee
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Shine is a coffee truck located not far from downtown that makes for a great quick stop in the morning. Its friendly owner and yellow furniture outside the truck make it hard to miss. Shine offers a simple menu from coffee brewed from Onyx Coffee beans.

Shotgun House Coffee Roasters

Neighborhood: Near Westside
Known for: Its unassuming exterior and its Mexican vanilla
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This West Side hidden gem makes its own in-house Mexican vanilla that’s to die for. With a stylish interior, it’s a great place for remote workers to set up shop for the day.

Southbound Coffee

Neighborhood: South Side
Known for: Its cute pink food truck and dirty horchata latte.
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Who doesn’t love some unique menu items? With specials such as the Mexican Mocha and the Dirty Horchata, Southbound Coffee has a lock on some puro San Antonio flavors.

Stranded Coffee

Neighborhood: Southtown
Known for: Low-key vibes and vegan breakfast tacos
Sources beans from: Proud Hound Coffee Roasters
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Stranded Coffee is a relaxed coffee truck that offers unique options and San Antonio vibes. Cinnamon lovers rejoice — the Maribel or Horchata latte will have you singing praises. Don’t forget to grab a tasty vegan taco if you stop here for breakfast. 

Summer Moon Coffee

Neighborhood: St. Mary’s Street
Known for: Its “moon milk,” which is what it flavors its coffees with.
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Summer Moon is an Austin staple brought to San Antone. If you like homemade syrups over the generic stuff, make sure to try a Half Moon or Winter Half Moon Latte for something unique. 

The Lookout Coffee and Community

Neighborhood: Timberwood Park
Known for: Its second-story location and relaxed vibes
Lindsey’s tasting notes: The shop is adorable, and quaint. If you like sugary coffee drinks, this place might become a new favorite.

The Rustic Bean Cafe

Neighborhood: Bulverde
Known for: Its “coffee ice” and the cute boutique next door
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This Bulverde hideaway is awesome. Enjoy iced coffee but tired of it getting watered down? No problem! The Rustic Bean makes coffee ice cubes that make your coffee even stronger. Check out the cute boutique next door while you’re at it.

Theory Coffee Company

Neighborhood: Oak Park – Northwood
Known for: Its parking lot chic aesthetic and rabid fans
Sources beans from: “Locally roasted coffee, out of Austin”
Lindsey’s tasting notes: This cup of coffee was the absolute perfect temperature from the moment it was handed to me. The friendly staff was welcoming and the truck was easy to find. It’s currently in a parking lot that is under construction which makes it a little tougher to get to but it’s worth the stop. 

Vice Versa

Neighborhood: St. Paul Square
Known for: Selling vinyl along with brews
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Vice Versa, or “Vice” for short, brings all the mellow good vibes one would want in a coffee shop. It’s chic, it’s cute, but its simple menu is also casual and not intimidating. Grab a cup of their cold brew to sip on while you browse their record selection. 

What’s Brewing Coffee Roasters

Neighborhood: Greater Harmony Hills
Known for: Its pinball machines and status as an OG roaster
Sources beans from: Independent, wholesale roaster, supplying many local coffee shops
Lindsey’s tasting notes: Roasting since 1981, What’s Brewing knows its beans. Although its shop is a bit off the beaten path, the backroom is loaded with pinball machines — just the start of what makes What’s Brewing unique.

Wicked Voodoo Espresso

Neighborhood: New Braunfels
Known for: The chocolate-covered coffee bean that comes with every cup
Lindsey’s tasting notes: A must-have if you’re in New Braunfels, Wicked Voodoo has both a brick-and-mortar shop and a drive-thru coffee stand. Its rich coffee is offered in fun flavors such as Kenny’s Sacred Drink or a Dark Chocolate Mocha. Every cup to go is topped with a chocolate espresso bean. It’s like a reward.

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