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When it comes to providing clean and high-quality water, making testing a priority is the recipe for success.

That’s why San Antonio Water System (SAWS) goes to great lengths to constantly monitor the city’s water supply for safety, and why San Antonio’s water system has achieved superior ratings every year since 1936.

In order to protect our community’s drinking water, SAWS maintains water quality through rigorous testing. More than 7,000 tests are performed in any given year on San Antonio water so the city never has to worry about the quality of its drinking water. The sampling, monitoring and enforcement includes U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests in order to ensure federal standards are being met.

Transparency with the public is also a top priority. Every year, SAWS releases an annual water quality report, using data from the most recent EPA required tests. This provides the opportunity for the community to become more knowledgeable about the quality of our drinking water.

SAWS also provides Water Quality 101 tips for customers detailing how they can positively impact the city’s water supply. Everyone plays an important role in our water quality management. Simple actions that may not seem like a big deal can actually do serious damage to our area’s water supply. Over-fertilizing your yard, washing your care too many times, not picking up after your pets, and improperly disposing of automotive oil can allow for chemicals and bacteria to enter our area’s water cycle.

Additionally, SAWS provides a 24-7 phone number where San Antonio residents can report any water quality concerns by calling 210-704-SAWS (7297).

“SAWS has one of the most aggressive water quality programs in the state of Texas,” said Gavino Ramos, vice president of communications and external affairs for SAWS. “Protecting our water quality is one of our top priorities and is the result of a full community effort.”

SAWS will do its part to ensure reliable, safe, and high-quality water for its customers. It’s also important for customers to take these water quality tips to heart and do their part in helping preserve and conserve our city’s most precious resources.

For more waterful solutions to water quality, go to saws.org/waterful.

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