Nature thrives along the restored banks of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park. Credit: Courtesy of San Antonio River Authority

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Downtown San Antonio is in a constant state of activity. When locals and visitors walk the busy streets, they pass brand-new office buildings, lively restaurants and shops, and famous tourist attractions.

Tucked away on the western edge of downtown, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of people who live and work in the heart of the city, is a flowing waterway lined with thousands of plants, trees, and flowers where ducks, turtles, and fish swim. Native birds fly with large tiled murals as their backdrop.

This oasis is the San Pedro Creek Culture Park, the park with a purpose that has improved flood control and water quality and restored the flora and fauna of this historic waterway for all to enjoy.

On Saturday, June 8, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the San Antonio River Authority invites you to CreekFest, the inaugural eco-friendly community festival that will bring together sustainability-focused organizations and initiatives to educate and engage the local community in environmental responsibility.

CreekFest will allow you to see for yourself how the creek has been transformed from a drainage ditch into an award-winning linear park. Since its grand opening last May, the San Pedro Creek Culture Park has fulfilled its purpose of sustainability in countless ways.

In addition to the ever-growing list of native plants and animals that have been returned to their original home along the banks of the creek, engineering technology has also improved the quality of the water. More than 14.5 tons of trash that would otherwise pollute the water have been collected, while specially landscaped stormwater features called bioswales help clean rain runoff before entering the creek and the widened banks prevent downtown flooding.

CreekFest makes sustainability fun, accessible, and engaging in an effort to build awareness and interest in environmental responsibility and sustainable practices including renewable energy, preventing pollution, and reducing waste. Enjoy a variety of local vendors, as well as delicious food trucks, live music, and local artisans. Exhibitors and vendors include the San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio Botanical Gardens, the Texas Master Naturalist, local artists Momo & Pompa, and more.

Join us on June 8 to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and what you can do to help the river authority in its mission of protecting our natural waterways through a variety of crafts, activities, and demonstrations for the whole family. The San Pedro Creek Culture Park begins at 715 Camaron St. Free parking is available in two locations for CreekFest attendees, at the Christopher Columbus Italian Society lot (201 Piazza Italia) or in the lot at 231 W. Salinas St.

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Carrie Brown

Carrie Brown is the public art curator for San Pedro Creek Culture Park.