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The San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) is hard at work creating a place that sparks the imagination of the next generation of innovators.

Our mission focuses on helping young people throughout the community connect with both educational and career paths in the region’s advanced industries, such as cybersecurity, information technology, aviation, telecommunications, and advanced manufacturing, to name a few.

Last spring, we at SAMSAT launched our new home in the heart of Port San Antonio. An ample 15,000-square-foot facility has served as the preview space for some of the museum’s vast collection of technological artifacts. A number of these items trace back 100 years or more to the early origins of today’s technological breakthroughs, many of which have their roots in San Antonio – cryptography, cellular camera phones, Wi-Fi, and other pillars of today’s information technology industries.

In addition to an impressive array of exhibits, we are collaborating with area partners as we deliver programs through local schools and other education-focused nonprofits.

Together, we’re preparing the next generation of San Antonians who will write future chapters in our community’s role as one of the nation’s leading centers of innovation.

Port San Antonio

Port San Antonio's 1,900-acre industrial campus is home to leading aerospace, advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, logistics and defense organizations. They are connected by air, rail and truck within...