Skinner is seeking election as judge of the 437th District Court after being appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott last year. She also has been the presiding judge of the 290th and the 144th District Courts. After beginning her career as a criminal defense attorney, she worked as an assistant district attorney in Bexar County and Uvalde for 18 years.

Hear from the candidate

Why should voters choose you?

Before I was elected as District Court judge, I was a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. I have extensive experience in the practice of criminal law. Once elected and then appointed, I have been continuously recognized as the hardest-working judge in Bexar County. When I initially took the bench in the 290th District Court, I reduced a backlog of almost 1,000 active pending cases to 205 active pending cases within two years. Because of the pandemic, the Bexar County Courthouse was closed for almost two years. As the current Judge of the 437th District Court, I have reduced the number of active pending cases in this court to less than half since our courthouse reopened on March 6, 2022. I did this by showing up every day and affording jury trials to defendants whenever I was allowed to have a jury trial. I am the only district judge who has accomplished this. Defendants who have been pending trial for years have been given their day in court. Victims who have been waiting for years have seen justice done. I have tried over 185 cases to juries as a district court judge and have presided over thousands. I have the experience as a trial attorney and as a judge, to make sound sentencing decisions to protect this community from violent reoffenders and those who are possessing firearms in violation of the law. 

What do you see as the top challenge facing our local court system, and how should it be addressed?

I would refer to the answer I have given above. The Bexar County Courthouse has the second largest backlog of criminal cases in the state of Texas. The Bexar County Courthouse was closed longer than any other courthouse in Texas, as well. We need judges who show up to the courthouse and work. An experienced, seasoned judge with a proven ability to efficiently reduce a massive backlog and the experience to protect the community from violent reoffenders can restore the justice system to one where justice is not delayed, and the public can be assured that those making sentencing decisions have the experience to recognize defendants who pose a danger to our community.

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