Thompson has practiced law in Bexar County for 13 years. A graduate of St. Mary’s University School of Law, he has his own family law practice.

Hear from the candidate

Why should voters choose you?

Eighty to 90% of all cases that are heard in the district courts are family law cases (divorces, child custody, paternity, child support, protective orders, terminations and adoptions). The public deserves to have a judge that is experienced in family law. I have practiced family law for 13 years and have handled over 850 family law cases in Bexar County. I’ve been named a rising star and top attorney by my peers numerous times. I am a hard worker and well respected by my peers, court staff, and Judges.

What do you see as the top challenge facing our local court system, and how should it be addressed?

The biggest challenges are: there are always far more cases set on the docket than there are judges to hear them, the docket is often called inefficiently, judges are not showing up for work, and judges are forcing attorneys to work out agreements rather than making decisions themselves. If elected, I will show up to work, I will be efficient in handling the docket, and I will make the decisions that the law requires so that people get the day in court that they are entitled to. 

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