McQueen served as Corpus Christi’s mayor before resigning in 2017 after about a month in office. According to his campaign website, he has worked for Raytheon, United Technologies and other corporations and is a Navy veteran.

Hear from the candidate

What should Congress be doing to rein in inflation and/or stabilize/boost the economy?

Short answer is promote technology, transportation, education in providing new jobs and industries. I am the example in the future of computer science and aeronautics, not social programs. I continue to give opportunity in junior engineering programs and entrepreneurial business growth for communities and from Austin to San Antonio. We are reaching into the churches and youth programs to bring creative methods of expanding business and opportunities to all across party lines. America is strong united. The trend in America has been to move people faster, and this builds jobs. We see this with trains, highway systems, planes, automotive industry. We have been stagnant and need to get back to the basics of growing our internal technological products to export and move America forward and ahead of other nations. This will bring back the value of America and our leadership globally.

What should Congress be doing to reform immigration laws?

It is important to realize that America is comprised of immigrants, and immigrants built America. Current issues are caused by poor government leadership and it created stagnation of America. Our process of immigration is currently broken. I have recommended and written a white paper on creating an economic development zone along the border to incentivize the privatization of security and provide for a boundary/buffer for immigration and jobs. The process would be a future plan and not a band aid as we currently see in the immigration process. The vision is bringing back both the advancement of new technology in creating the development zone, but also can be built by immigration with a point of entry to ensure education, cultural adaptation, immunizations and strengthen our border security. This would be a win-win for business, immigration and the taxpayers. Solve the problem by creating opportunity not growing the court backlog. Start thinking solutions and future for America.

Do you believe Congress should take action to legalize abortion?

It is difficult for both the mother and the child in this situation. We continue to learn more and more of what we do not know. We now know that a flash of light is ignited at the point of conception, and we can see the beginning of a new life. It becomes a responsibility to save that life at all cost. This does impact the rights of the mother and we need to evaluate the best situation for both mother and child at each point this occurs. Ultimately, I believe in life and protecting those that can not protect themselves. It is not upon Congress to create law that have already been addressed  by the court. We have three branches of government for a balanced America.

What do you consider the top challenge facing our nation and how would you address it?

First is the economic decay, second is national security, third is the unity of America. First place is the plan forward for the entire nation that encompasses opportunity for all Americans. I have written white papers on the border as an economic development zone and elevate Texas skyways transport. Fix immigration and security. My education, experience and leadership will bring back the value of America as we fight for freedom, not socialism, to keep America the land of opportunity.

We live in a time of deep polarization. If elected, how do you see your responsibility to represent all your constituents, even those who didn’t vote for you?

We seem to be polarized by factors that have been the foundation of America. God, speech, immigration, security and economics. There are many that know this is the battle plan for dividing any enemy in the battlefield. My military experience has seen and studied this action in the process of breaking apart the communication of the people. We have seen this continue to impact our great nation. I currently work across the party lines to promote junior engineering programs and martial arts fitness programs in poverty areas and seek to balance the long-term success of America. It takes examples to amplify for others to realize we are stronger together. I have served America in the battle zone and I did that for both political parties, all Americas. I will continue to be that example and work toward the success of all. 

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This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.