Chapa is seeking a second term as judge of the 288th District Court. A graduate of St. Mary’s University School of Law, she practiced law for 15 years in the areas of criminal, personal injury, real estate, business law, civil litigation and family law.

Hear from the candidate

Why should voters choose you?

I have proven experience presiding over countless hearings and trial with exceptional judicial temperament. I have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to assure that civil District Courts remained open for those seeking justice. Fought to secure funding for Bexar County’s first Child Protective Services court with a focus on family violence. I have received a certification in trauma informed advocacy to ensure that we are not revictimizing our litigants. Worked to secure funding for a civil District Court’s family violence prevention program that offers access to wraparound services for families to help stop the cycle of violence.

What do you see as the top challenge facing our local court system, and how should it be addressed?

Balancing the technological advances made during COVID-19 especially the Zoom access to courts and maintaining the respect for decorum in our courts. It will be essential that we work to continue to provide access to our community in a way that continues to move us forward and not backwards. We will need to find exactly what is the best balance. The number of pro se litigants that have been able to appear to hearings has increased tremendously with Zoom. Witnesses that were normally not available are now able to participate and that is essential for litigants.

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