A resident of Dripping Springs, Roy is seeking his third term. He sits on the U.S. House veterans’ affairs and judiciary committees and is a member of the House Freedom Caucus.

Hear from the candidate

What should Congress be doing to rein in inflation and/or stabilize/boost the economy?

Congress must cut spending and stop printing money we do not have. We should begin at pre-COVID spending levels and work towards a balanced budget. That may force difficult conversations in Washington, but I welcome that debate. It is the same conversation every family and small business in America has on a regular basis.

What should Congress be doing to reform immigration laws?

First, secure the border. Enforce all laws being ignored by the current Administration. Build border infrastructure, bolster interior enforcement, zero migrant releases absent full detention for adjudication, and designate cartels Foreign Terrorist Organizations and target their assets. Our legal immigration system should welcome those willing to work hard and embrace the rule of law. Immigration reforms that are necessary should only take place after regaining operational control of the border.

Do you believe Congress should take action to legalize abortion?


What do you consider the top challenge facing our nation and how would you address it?

Reckless spending. Not only are we weakening our dollar and undermining our economy, we are growing the federal government into essentially a crony socialist system with no accountability or transparency. America will cease to be free and prosperous under those conditions.

We live in a time of deep polarization. If elected, how do you see your responsibility to represent all your constituents, even those who didn’t vote for you?

I believe that America is great, and Washington is broken. The founders designed a system of limited government rooted in federalism and deference to state and local leadership. When we push every polarizing social and political issue to Congress to solve, we feed a polarized environment. We should keep Washington busy with select responsibilities and leave the rest to state and local governments. We can find unity through federalism — through acknowledging a nation of 360 million have divergent views and leaving most decisions to states and local communities. I will work to advance federalism in my role in Congress. Allow the American people to live free and create prosperity, and amazing things will happen. I recognize my positions may not be held by every constituent, but my office has and will continue to help anyone who comes through our door for help with a federal agency or entity.

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