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So this is what I was up against: That’s right: chics with jetpacks.

But that’s okay, because I wasn’t participating in the Austin Capitol 10,000 – the largest 10K in the state, and one of the five largests 10Ks in the nation – as a competitor, I was doing it for fun, and to walk with my client and friend in the process. True, it wasn’t a San Antonio event, but certainly a regional one, and something that we can all revel in with our neighbors up north.

And wouldn’t you know it, we weren’t alone. These folks were all behind us:


And these folks were all in front of us, and we were all headed toward the Capitol building in the distance:


In all, about 18,000 of us took to the streets April 7th, and while I was sad to miss Siclovia back home, there was plenty to keep us entertained along the way.

There were disco balls and disco queens:


People dressed like chickens, and people dressed like dogs, and just plain dogs:


Cool socks and feet:




Cool views:


And right around the five mile mark, an unofficial aid station serving up free beer and hugs. It’s not everyday you get offered some quality ale (or hugs) in the middle of a race, so lots of people stopped for the free brew and the photo op:


But what I remember most from it all is the color:


And that when you have that many people out in unison, the world can become an amazing blur:


See you next year, Capitol 10K.

P.S. And please don’t interfere with my Siclovia plans in 2014.

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Tom Trevino is a writer, artist and wellness coach based out of San Antonio. His column, “The Feed,” addresses health and fitness issues and dispense practical advice for San Antonians attempting to wade through the often-confusing diet and fitness world. He holds a B.A. from the University of Texas, with training and certification from the Cooper Institute. He has a fondness for dogs, the New York Times, and anything on two wheels. When he’s not writing, training, or cooking, you can find him wandering the aisles of Central Market.

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