The Where I Live series aims to showcase our diverse city and region by spotlighting its many vibrant neighborhoods. Each week a local resident invites us over and lets us in on what makes their neighborhood special. Have we been to your neighborhood yet? Get in touch to share your story.

I first discovered the beauty of San Antonio in 2005, when I moved here from Monterrey, Mexico with my family. Since then, I’ve lived in various neighborhoods, including Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, and Shavano Park.

As soon as the snow melted from the ground after the big winter storm in February 2021, I moved to the Northwest Side, and while those first few days were rocky, I quickly fell in love with my new neighborhood. At the time I moved, I was seven months pregnant and looking for a safe and peaceful place for my daughter and me to reside.

It was my first time living closer to the Hill Country, and I found it to be the perfect mix of everything that makes San Antone what it is. The Northwest Side has the best of both worlds: the upbeat energy of city life, and the peace of the suburbs. I live surrounded by trees with a beautiful Hill Country view, yet I have a Target that I frequently visit just down the road. 

My neighbors are a hodgepodge of working parents, post-grad early 20-somethings, and business owners. All of these individuals in their various walks of life breathe new life into the neighborhood. During the week, we run into each other in the morning and exchange friendly greetings as we start our day, juggling backpacks, workout equipment, kids and pets. During the weekend, everyone takes a breath and slows down with more leisurely mid-morning strolls around the neighborhood.

Magda and her daughter Mia step out to look at the trees from her balcony.
Magda Gonzalez Jimenez and her daughter, Mia, step out to look at the trees from the balcony. Credit: Brenda Bazán / San Antonio Report

New businesses, restaurants and shops pop up on the regular. Since I’ve been here, I’ve frequented The Rim the most. It’s a one-stop shop for everything I need, from shopping to satisfying my cravings to spending some time outside in the greenery or even on a hike. My and my bebe’s favorite spots at The Rim include North Italia, the rooftop of Revolución, Fantasia Nail Salon and the TJ Maxx shopping center.

As a hub for some of the city’s major employers, including my own, I hope to see more affordable housing opportunities over here for people to continue to live and play close to where they work. 

Magda and her daughter Mia play with a ball at The Rim.
Magda Gonzalez Jimenez and her daughter, Mia, play with a ball at The Rim. Credit: Brenda Bazán / San Antonio Report

My favorite memories of this neighborhood all revolve around this new season of my life in which I am a mama. This home is where I spent my last trimester, “nesting” in preparation for my first baby coming Earthside. It’s where I brought my daughter home from the hospital. In this kitchen, I made her homemade baby food. She took her first steps in that living room, and we enjoyed many days soaking up the San Antonio sun.

While the Northwest Side might have a reputation for being just suburbs and chain restaurants, the people living and working here are the soul of this neighborhood. I hope the Northwest Side continues to grow and add in more of the local flavor of this city that I love so much.