In late October, after a thunderstorm and heavy rains caused the roof of Travis Park Church’s youth building to collapse, Head Pastor Eric Vogt told his congregation that “God is our shelter in the storm.” Services continued outdoors until the flooded interior of the church could be restored to usability.

Regular services offered by the church’s Corazon Ministries to San Antonio’s homeless and migrant populations also have continued, though not without difficulty, including a temporary relocation to the now-shuttered Migrant Resource Center that had been operated by the City of San Antonio.

Now, through the efforts of a pair of musical siblings, the church and ministries will offer “Shelter in a Song,” a performance of the new Alamo City Street Choir, on Sunday, Dec. 8. Proceeds from the event will go toward roof repairs, rebuilding, and restoring supplies for Corazon Ministries.

The new choir, comprising members of the church’s congregation of homeless and needy people, will be joined by the Travis Park Sanctuary Choir and the San Antonio Chamber Choir. The event will take place at 3 p.m. in the church, with a suggested minimum donation of $15 at the door.

Senior Reporter Nicholas Frank moved from Milwaukee to San Antonio following a 2017 Artpace residency. Prior to that he taught college fine arts, curated a university contemporary art program, toured with...