Velia Salinas holds up her voting clerk badge. Photo by Scott Ball.
Velia Salinas holds up her voting clerk badge. Photo by Scott Ball.

Velia Salinas was born in 1925 and she’s been a voting clerk, or poll worker, for 50 of her 90 years. I caught up with Velia at the Glenoaks Elementary School polling site Saturday morning.

After a few years, poll workers begin to recognize voters in their districts and vise versa. She said she likes seeing familiar, smiling faces each election.

“All these people that come in here know me,” she said.

During the most recent presidential elections, she saw a lot of new faces. She wishes more people would vote during city elections.

“You should come and vote. Regardless of what election it is, they’re all important,” she said.

Voting has become easier for the voter and the county workers that have to count the votes.

“When I first started, we had the curtains …. when (an) election was over, we had to run over to a telephone to give them the numbers.

“I’ve seen it all, technology has changed everything,” she said. Noting how the electronic booths have made her life easier. “With computers you can do anything, and these things (cellphones) change every day.”

*Featured/top image: Velia Salinas holds up her voting clerk badge.  Photo by Scott Ball. 

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