Even the cheap security cameras covering discount retail checkout counters are producing better images these days, while higher-end shops and stores protect their employees and their businesses with high-definition cameras and video setups. That makes the job of San Antonio police a little easier when they respond to a crime scene, like this Westside Dollar Store robbery.

Even if the alleged robber is long gone when the first squad car rolls up to the store, police can usually use camera images and the promises of a cash reward to learn the name of the suspect and his place of residence. If the suspect has a record, his or her photo is probably in a law enforcement database.

Chances are the individual lives or works nearby, and chances are someone who knows him is going to tip-off police by calling Crime Stoppers, which will keep the caller’s identity confidential. If the call leads to the suspect’s arrest and conviction the tipster will receive a reward up to $5.000. That’s far more than the robbery yielded, and the money doesn’t come from tax dollars.

This particular robbery occurred at the Family Dollar store located at 1103 Cupples Rd. on Feb. 7, more than one week ago, The fact that SAPD sent out the advisory today probably means they’ve been unable to identify the suspect through more conventional police work and are now turning to the public for assistance. Here at the Rivard Report, we don’t do much crime coverage, but we are interested in the fact that all of us are on camera much more than we realize, even in the course of our everyday legal activities. There is, seemingly, a record of almost everything. That seems to have escaped the individual pictured above, whoever he is.

Of course, if one of our readers does know the individual and decides to contact Crime Stoppers, we’ll probably never know, will we? Anyone with information regarding the suspect’s identity or his whereabouts are urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 224-STOP (7867).

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This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.