Every year, San Antonio’s Fiesta comes and goes.

During the 11-day celebration, many things get put on hold while much of the city celebrates day in and day out.

When our team here at the Rivard Report began planning coverage of Fiesta, we decided to approach things a little differently this year. We asked ourselves a simple question: What would it be like to experience Fiesta without the ability to see? What we are exploring today is what it sounds like.

We charged our reporters and photographers with this task: If you hear something interesting, pull out your phone and record.

You’ll hear parades, sirens, shouts from food vendors, and the drama of a young charro – Spanish for Mexican cowboy – as he prepares to ride a bull, with the sounds a clanking gate and his friends’ encouragement.

Now close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of Fiesta for the very last time in 2018.

Scott Ball is San Antonio Report's photo editor and grew up in San Antonio.