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Thanks to funds from Bond 2010, Alamo Convocation Center has undergone a much-needed update. The 64-year-old building has played hot to some of the great moments in San Antonio sports history, and with a modernized interior now is equipped to house many more. The current generation of SAISD athletes will have a facility they can be proud to call home court.

“I think the excitement I have is based on what all of this is going to do for our kids,” said SAISD Athletic Director Gil Garza.

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With updates to HVAC systems, refurbished bleachers, and many other renovations, the facility is now ADA compliant and more flexible for non-athletic uses. The space is more modern and a lot brighter than the dark, musty-feeling interior of years past.

“My favorite feature is how bright it looks. It makes everything look new,” Garza said.

SAISD athletes can be proud to host visiting districts in the renovated space, which increases school pride, self-esteem, and game day spirit. It’s one more way that the district is rallying to show their students how valuable they really are.

Bekah is a native San Antonian. She went away to Los Angeles for undergrad before earning her MSc in Media and Communication from the London School of Economics. She made it back home and now works for Ker and Downey, and is a frequent contributor to the Rivard Report. You can also find her at her blog, Free Bekah.

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Bekah McNeel

Bekah McNeel is a native San Antonian. You can also find her at her blog,, on Twitter @BekahMcneel, and on Instagram @wanderbekah.