The Rivard Report more than doubled in staff size and increased its readership in 2016. Part of that growth included hiring me, a photographer and videographer, to help out Photo Editor Scott Ball and bring video storytelling to the forefront of our editorial offerings.

I moved to San Antonio from Long Beach, Calif. on Jan. 1. Over the past year I have learned about the vibrant culture of San Antonio’s community. With each video, a door into the life and experience of an individual here opened. My work has brought me inside homeless encampments, a sunrise Native American healing ceremony, and powerful local performances and connected me to many affected by tragedies of this past year. I am truly indebted to everyone who opened their homes and hearts to me so that I could help tell their story.

I’ve produced more than 90 videos for the Rivard Report in my first year. Here are of some of my favorites.

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Kathryn Boyd-Batstone

Kathryn Boyd-Batstone is a California native and a graduate of the University of Oregon. She moved to San Antonio in December 2015 to join The Rivard Report team as photographer and videographer.