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On Monday, the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office released all 53 names of the victims of the deadly human smuggling case in San Antonio, meaning that everyone killed in the June 27 tragedy has now been identified.

County officials had been working for two weeks to identify the 53 people who died while attempting to enter the U.S.

The Medical Examiner’s office had to wait for confirmation of notification of next of kin for the victims, which meant coordinating with each of their countries of origin. Of the migrants killed, 26 were citizens of Mexico, 21 were citizens of Guatemala and six were citizens of Honduras.

Forty-eight victims were found dead at the location where the tractor-trailer they were riding in was abandoned; five more died later at local hospitals. Officials have said the victims who died inside the sweltering truck were seeking work and security in the United States.

From youngest to oldest, here are the names and nationalities of people who died in or after the June 27 smuggling tragedy in San Antonio:

  • Pascual Melvin Guachiac Sipac, male, 13, of Guatemala
  • Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, male, 14, of Guatemala
  • Misael Olivares Monterde, male, 16, of Mexico
  • Pedro Telles Gonzalez, male, 16, of Mexico
  • Yovani Valencia Olivares, male, 16, of Mexico
  • Jonny Tziguin Tzoc, male, 17, of Guatemala
  • Fernando Redondo Caballero, male, 18, of Honduras
  • Marcos Antonio Velasco Velasco, male, 18, of Mexico
  • Doniz Galvez De Leon, male, 19, of Guatemala
  • William Ramirez Alvarado, male, 19, of Guatemala
  • Pablo Ortega Alvarez, male, 20, of Mexico
  • Wilson Ambrocio Lopez, male, 20, of Guatemala
  • Yeisan Efrain Jimenez, male, 20, of Guatemala
  • Jair Valencia Olivares, male, 20, of Mexico
  • Aracely Marroquin Coronado, female, 21, of Guatemala
  • Efrain Garcia Ferrel, male, 22, of Mexico
  • Celestina Ambrocio Orozco, female, 22, of Guatemala
  • Karla Lopez Espana, female, 22, of Guatemala
  • Miriam Ramirez Garcia, female, 22, of Mexico
  • Francisco Tepaz Simaj, male, 22, of Guatemala
  • Alvaro Ojeda Salazar, male, 23, of Mexico
  • Alejandro Andino Caballero, male, 23, of Honduras
  • Blanca Ramirez Crisostomo, female, 23, of Guatemala
  • Deisy Lopez Ramirez, female, 24, of Guatemala
  • Juan Vasquez Morales, male, 24, of Guatemala
  • Maria Ramirez Alvarado, female, 24, of Guatemala
  • Margie Paz Grajeda, female, 25, of Honduras
  • Denis Nis Barrios, male, 25, of Guatemala
  • Adela Betulia Ramirez Quezada, female, 27, of Honduras
  • Gustavo Santillan Santillan, male, 27, of Mexico
  • Fidelino Ramirez Sanchez, male, 28, of Guatemala
  • Maria Monterro-Serrato, female, 28, of Mexico
  • Omar Rico Almanza, male, 29, of Mexico
  • Jose Antonio Perez Ramirez, male, 29, of Mexico
  • Oscar Aguado Romero, male, 30, of Mexico
  • Juan Trejo Tellez, male, 31, of Mexico
  • Nicolas Meletz Guarcax, male, 31, of Guatemala
  • Mayra Beltran Frausto, female, 31, of Mexico
  • Sebastian Och Mejia, male, 31, of Guatemala
  • Mariano Santiago Hipolito, male, 32, of Mexico
  • Julio Lopez Lopez, male, 32, of Mexico
  • Francisco Delgado Rodriguez, male, 32, of Mexico
  • Belkis Anariba Caceres, female, 33, of Honduras
  • Jozue Diaz Gallardo, male, 34, of Mexico
  • Javier Flores-Lopez, male, 35, of Mexico
  • Rudy Chilel Yoc, male, 35, of Guatemala
  • Jose Lopez Munis, male, 35, of Mexico
  • Enrique Chavez, male, 37, of Guatemala
  • Yazmin Bueso Nunez, female, 37, of Honduras
  • Fernando Gallegas Garcia, male, 38, of Mexico
  • J. Marcial Trejo Hernandez, male, 38, of Mexico
  • Jesus Alvarez Ortega, male, 43, of Mexico
  • Juan Valeriano-Domitilo, male, 55, of Mexico
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