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Ignite your sense of grilling adventure: Did you know that you can grill romaine lettuce with excellent results? Ever tried grilled bacon? Watch Chef Scott grill fruit, romaine for salad, bacon for a smoky BLT, and even a delicious S’Mores dip for dessert! No matter your experience level, we have handy how-to instructions, recipes, videos, and cool products, see the H-E-B Grilling Guide.

More Things You Didn’t Know You Could Grill:

  • Grilled Fruit ? Stone fruits (such as peaches), melons, and tropical fruits are fun for the grill. Be sure to use moderate heat. Fruits have natural sugars that can quickly burn. See our tropical fruit guide.
  • Grilled Vegetables ? Vegetables such as romaine lettuce, peppers, onions, and corn can take the heat, but avoid those with a high water content, such as cucumbers and celery. Timing is everything: To ensure all vegetables are ready at the same time, place denser veggies that require more cooking on the grill before smaller ones that cook faster. See our Guide to Grilling Fruits & Vegetables.
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