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Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas is hiring a Land Conservation & Stewardship Manager.  This position is key for their organization, as they began as a Land trust in 1998.  The LCS Manager will be the primary contact and liaison for landowners who are interested in preserving their property and protecting our open green spaces for future generation in perpetuity.  The LCS Manager also works with the City of San Antonio Edwards Aquifer Protection staff and the City’s Conservation Advisory Board, Edwards Aquifer Authority, environmental consulting firms and real estate appraisers to assist in brokering conservation easements for the protection of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.  They are looking specifically for a skilled professional person with environmental education and experience, who also has the people skills to communicate with individuals on all levels, from rural landowners to City Council.  Deadline to apply is May 20. 

Essential Qualifications

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in field related to land conservation such as natural resource management, environmental science, geography, community and regional planning
  • 3-5 years professional workforce experience in related fields
  • A demonstrated understanding of and personal dedication to the conservation goals of Green Spaces Alliance
  • Familiarity with regional conservation issues
  • Knowledge of real property transactions, land stewardship, and conservation easements
  • Experience with mapping and survey products
  • Skills in establishing, managing, and maintaining collaborative relationships with stakeholders, board members, staff, volunteers, government agencies, and other partners.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, persuasive writing, and critical thinking skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software
  • Ability to work occasional nights and weekends
  • Physical ability and willingness to work outdoors
  • Valid Class “C” driver’s license

Preferred Qualifications

  • Skilled in ArcGIS software, GPS and map-making
  • Professional experience or advanced degree in natural resource management, environmental science, geography, planning, ecology, and/or real estate law
  • Professional experience in non-profit management and/or land trusts
  • Ability to effectively manage simultaneous projects and assignments


  1. Land Conservation
  1. Fee Simple properties
    1. Monitors all GSA fee lands, assessing each property for liabilities, changes, encroachments, and need for stewardship work, developing management plans as needed.
    2. Assists in ensuring that GSA meets all contractual/legal obligations, such as payment of property taxes. Seeks tax reductions through appropriate abatement and exemptions.
    3. Engages community partners and ensures proper stewardship of all owned properties including development of opportunities and facilities to promote objectives for land use.
  2. GSA Easement Properties
    1. Assists in meeting all contractual/legal obligations, such as ensuring annual monitoring of all properties.
    2. Maintains contact with landowners to promote continuing good will and assist with stewardship objectives, as appropriate.
  3. Edwards Aquifer Protection Program (as needed)
    1. Represents GSA as a City of San Antonio Land Acquisition Team (LAT) appointee to negotiate conservation easements on target properties. through the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program (EAPP)
    2. Facilitates transaction paperwork and filing related to easement negotiations, representing GSA with all consultants
    3. Makes presentations and represents GSA at Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) meetings and updates members on proposed conservation easement properties.
  4. Land Stewardship activities, events and landowner outreach
    1. Identifies and pursues corporate and individual sponsorships and grants that promote implementable programming and/or habitat restoration initiatives on fee simple properties.
    2. Represents GSA at public speaking opportunities and through productive interaction with related organizations.  Assists with writing publicity and presentations related to advocacy work and conservation projects.
    3. Assists with GSA special events.
    4. Recruits and organizes volunteer support as needed for special events and workdays.
  5. Record Keeping and Administration
    1. Organizes and maintains records to ensure security and management of all Land Conservation documents, photos, and correspondence in keeping with standards of the Land Trust Alliance and Accreditation Commission.
    2. Produces and updates maps for potential acquisition, stewardship, and outreach projects.
    3. Assists with document preparation for annual audit of records.
    4. Assists in the planning and execution of Land Committee Meetings and maintains agendas, minutes, notes, and related documents.
    5. Makes periodic reports to Executive Director and Board.


(Apply by May 20)

More about Green Spaces Alliance’s mission:

To sustain the natural environment and enhance urban spaces through land conservation, community engagement and education.

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with regional population growth projected to almost double in the next 50 years. Urban growth, without careful planning and preservation, will disrupt quality of life for all unless we act today. By protecting undeveloped land and water resources, cultivating urban green spaces and community, and educating the next generation about the environment we depend on, we can help ensure a better quality of life now and in years to come.

Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas  founded in 1998, focuses our land conservation activities in the Southern Edwards Aquifer region and the San Antonio and Nueces River basins. As a local land trust, our landowner relationships emphasize accurate information about land conservation and available options to achieve long-term goals for ecologically healthy properties, preserving family heritage, potential economic benefits, and evaluating natural resource management practices. Since 2000, we have been part of a team that has negotiated conservation easements in Bexar, Medina, and Uvalde counties through the City of San Antonio’s Edwards Aquifer Protection Program, which has resulted in over 135,000 acres of conserved land over the critical Edwards Aquifer Recharge and Drainage Zones.

Top Image: McGown Ranch. Courtesy photo. 

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Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas

Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas is a local, non-profit organization based in San Antonio, Texas, dedicated to preserving our open lands and enhancing our urban environment.