Those considering a run for the District 10 seat on City Council will not face any competition from incumbent Councilman Mike Gallagher during the May 2017 City election.

Gallagher announced his decision to “get off the stage” and let a new representative of the suburban district come forward Thursday morning during Council’s regular meeting.

“During my time on Council, we have established great working relationships between neighborhood organizations and City staff, supported revitalization initiatives along the Northeast Corridor (NEC), and brought historic recognition to the District with the El Camino Real,” Gallagher stated in a news release. “We have been able to set in motion smart regulations to keep our residents safe with initiatives like Safe Exchange Zones and our Hands Free Ordinance.”

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After the May election he will continue to serve on the City’s Charter Review Commission.

Councilman Joe Krier (D9), who is also stepping down from his seat, said he will deeply miss his colleague. Krier and Gallagher often fell on the same side of policy issues that came before the Council. Both represent more suburban, Northside neighborhoods that include some of the wealthiest zip codes in the city.

“He’s the only guy on this dais who has danced with Nancy Reagan, met Frank Sinatra, and served in the White House under one of my heroes, President Reagan,” Krier said.

Gallagher was appointed by City Council to the District 10 seat in January 2014 and won the 2015 election in a landslide victory over former Democratic precinct chair, Celeste Montez-Tidwell.

After almost 30 years service in the U.S. Air Force, Gallagher retired from the military and has served on a variety of boards and commissions. Click here to read his official bio.

“I’m thinking we should have a roast,” Taylor said of outgoing Councilmen Gallagher, Krier, and Ray Lopez (D6).

The chambers entertained the idea with laughter.

“While I deeply respect my civic duty and the responsibility I have to the community that elected me, I must acknowledge how much time with our families is sacrificed when serving on Council,” Gallagher said.

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