To inform readers about the candidates seeking their votes on the November ballot, the San Antonio Report asked all candidates to answer the following questions. We edited answers for clarity, not substance or grammar, and we did not fact-check responses. We restricted responses to 200 words for each question.

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Link to campaign website:



Education background/degrees earned:

AAS, St. Philips College

Current occupation, employer, or job title:

Retired firefighter/paramedic

Previous elected offices held and/or sought:

Candidate for Commissioner Precinct 1 and County Judge

Why do you feel you are the best candidate for the office you are seeking?

I will tell you what I have done and let the voters decide. I have served my fellow man since 1974. I served my country as a Navy Corpsman, my community as a firefighter/paramedic, a mentor to my children, and possibly your kids as a CYO and YMCA coach, a Boy Scout and Girl Scout leader. I travelled the streets of Precinct 1 for 34 years, 29 of those years as a paramedic. I have seen the many struggles including those of our seniors having to decide to get their medicines, pay their utility bills, or keep their homes by paying their property taxes. There is no one size fits all. Precinct 1 is very diverse. We have poor neighborhoods to the south that can’t even get internet or fresh foods to the more affluent neighborhoods to the northwest.

What three issues do you feel are most important to voters in Bexar County?

High property taxes, infrastructure not keeping up with growth, increase in crime

If elected, what would be your top priorities after taking office?

Travel throughout the precinct and hear the issues directly from the citizens. Work on getting internet to rural communities, get Highway 211 built that connects Potranco Road to Bandera Road, bring quality health care to underserved areas of the precinct. Work with state lawmakers to bring property tax relief. Make sure that our first responders have the tools, equipment, and manpower to keep us safe.

How has the coronavirus pandemic shaped your priorities?

We need to do a better job of preparing for the next event, whether it be a manmade or natural disaster.

For incumbents: What do you consider your most significant accomplishments in office? What would you change?


For non-incumbents: What, if anything, would you do differently from the current officeholder?

I would be a full-time county commissioner, traveling across the precinct meeting with HOAs, nonprofits, school districts, public safety agencies, etc. Our elected officials should be seen and heard from year-round and not just during reelection time.

This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff.