To inform readers about the candidates seeking their votes on the November ballot, the San Antonio Report asked all candidates to answer the following questions. We edited answers for clarity, not substance or grammar, and we did not fact-check responses. We restricted responses to 200 words for each question.

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Position sought:

Somerset ISD, District 6



Link to campaign website:

YOUTube: Francisco de Luna District 6 Somerset.



What is your educational background? Where did you go to school growing up and what is the highest level of education you completed?

Somerset Graduate 1983. Some college hours at San Antonio College and Palo Alto College.

If you have completed higher education, what degrees or certifications have you earned and from where? In what years did you complete these degrees or certifications?


What is your current occupation, employer, and job title?

Flowers Baking Company (Butter Krust) 37 Years. Inventory Control Manager.

List any previous elected offices that you held and the term you held that office. List any elected offices you sought and the years you sought those offices.


Why do you feel you are the best candidate for the office you are seeking?

I have been attending School Board meetings as a parent for the last 3 years. I believe education is the key to success. Our Educators are very important to the success of our Students. I will listen not only to my constituents but to our Teachers and Staff.

What three issues do you feel are most important to your constituents?

Education is paramount but also keeping our Students safe. I also believe Special Needs Students are important to our constituents.

If you are elected, what will be your top priorities once you take office?

Special Needs Students will be my top priority. Making sure our Educators have the tools they need to better teach our Students.

For incumbents: What accomplishments are you most proud of during your time in office? Is there any vote or decision you would change now looking back?


For non-incumbents: Would you do anything differently from the current representative holding the office you’re seeking?

I believe our Incumbent Leo Salas has done an amazing job for the last 24 years for Somerset ISD, but I feel it is time for a change. I am in tune with the technology our Students are using and what is needed to keep in pace of our rapidly changing tools of technology.

How do you assess your community college district or school district’s performance during the pandemic and the way it served students?

The virtual/remote format was a great start for our students. Somerset ISD kept providing support to the students. Now with once a week testing of Covid-19, Somerset ISD has surpassed all school districts in their commitment of keeping out students and teachers safe.

How will you approach budgeting for your district given the economic uncertainties? What are your budget priorities you would want to keep intact?

Keeping an open mind with the eye on the future.

How do you plan to work to overcome academic gaps that may have developed or widened during the pandemic?

I will work closely with our Superintendent Saul Hinojosa to make sure there are no gaps.

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