As loitering laws tighten and homeless camps are continually cleared, the job of Haven for Hope‘s Outreach Manager Ron Brown becomes increasingly important.

Through countless hours of building trust within the homeless population to working directly with the San Antonio Police Department to encourage loiterers and squatters to utilize Haven’s resources or address mental illness, Brown is transforming San Antonio’s homeless population one individual at a time.

In 2010, Haven for Hope opened to serve as a shelter, rehabilitation center, and transitional housing program for San Antonio’s homeless population. Today, more than 1,400 people utilize the Haven’s Transformational Campus, and since the opening, 2,600 individuals have transitioned to permanent housing.

Much of the campus’ use is in large part because of Brown’s constant outreach and ability to build trust. This video explores his motivations behind his commitment to the San Antonio homeless population.

Kathryn Boyd-Batstone is a California native and a graduate of the University of Oregon. She moved to San Antonio in December 2015 to join The Rivard Report team as photographer and videographer.