East Central ISD Board President Steve Bryant.
East Central ISD Board President Steve Bryant.

East Central ISD trustees likely will wait until after the state legislative session before voting on a proposal that would arm district teachers and staff, board President Steve Bryant said last week.

In the past year, the board has been discussing the Guardian Plan, one of two state-approved options that allow school districts to permit teachers and faculty to carry guns on campus. Under this plan, a board of trustees outlines training and vetting requirements for any teachers interested in participating.

Community members previously criticized the plan as having too many unanswered questions and asked the district for more time to provide input.

Bryant told the Rivard Report that board members have talked about educating themselves, providing information to the community, and investigating “every option” to keep students safe.

The board president said trustees would be watching the legislature’s actions during the legislative session that concludes at the end of May.

“We have heard that there may be some significant changes to the marshal plan, including the number of training hours required,” Bryant said, referring to the other state-approved plan to arm teachers.

The marshal plan has state-mandated training procedures and rules, whereas the Guardian Plan allows for more local input on those same processes. East Central ISD’s board is interested in requiring more training than what is currently included in the marshal plan, Bryant said.

“Those are some of the things we saw that made us want to not consider the marshal plan, but when the legislative session is going on, you don’t know what is going to happen, so we want to keep our options open at this point,” Bryant said.

The Guardian Plan could still appear on future board agendas to allow discussion, and board members could ask to vote on the matter at any time. However, Bryant said he doesn’t anticipate the board taking a vote until trustees see how lawmakers decide to act on school safety this session.

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