I am running for Congress to defend the American Dream. As a former high school dropout who enlisted in the Navy at the lowest rank and retired from it at the highest level possible for an enlisted man, I am living proof the American Dream is alive and well. This race is about Texas values vs. D.C. politics, and I will always put Texas’ 23rd Congressional District first. 

The number one issue on voters’ minds is how to rebuild the economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The answers lie in supporting our workers and employers with sound government policies. Low taxes, reasonable regulations, investments in job training and technical skills are the right places to start. We also need to emphasize the value of work and recognize that every American does not require a four-year college degree to make a great living. Finally, we must fight back against calls for higher taxes that will strangle our economy.

Related to the economic concerns of voters is access to quality health care. I do not support socialized medicine because I know the disastrous effect it would have on our health care system’s quality, particularly in rural areas. We need to replace the Affordable Care Act with real reforms that allow for private health insurance options and always protect people with pre-existing conditions. Health care is personal to me. I nearly died a year ago following what was supposed to be a routine procedure. I understand the importance of quality health care for all Americans, and that is what I will fight for in Congress.

As a 20-year Navy veteran who served multiple deployments overseas, veterans issues are another area I will focus on in Congress. During my time as a military aide on Capitol Hill, I worked with the Trump Administration to pass the VA Accountability Act. This critical reform increased the quality of care our veterans receive. I know veterans’ issues and understand them on a personal level. Nobody will work harder for our veterans than I will in Congress.

I am a firm believer in the sanctity of life and am proud to have earned Texas Right to Life and National Right to Life’s endorsement. I am a Catholic father of six beautiful children and believe all life is sacred. We have a responsibility to defend the most vulnerable members of the human family, the unborn. We should also do more to support women in crisis pregnancies and other pro-family measures.

We have seen calls to defund the police from many in the political arena. This anti-law enforcement idea is dangerous to our communities and way of life. There are bad police officers like there are bad people in any profession. We can do more to weed out the bad apples while supporting the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officials who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve our communities. I am proud to be endorsed by multiple police unions, including the San Antonio, Eagle Pass, and El Paso police officers associations.

I believe in strong national defense and secure borders, and Texas’ 23rd Congressional District plays a vital role in both areas. We have multiple military bases in the district that support crucial national security priorities, and I strongly oppose closing them down. We should be investing more in our military bases for both strategic and economic reasons. I also believe in secure borders as part of national security. America must be able to control its borders and who comes into the country for the safety of our people and to promote healthy economic growth.

The National Rifle Association endorses me because of my firm commitment to the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. We are free people guaranteed our constitutional rights, and I will always fight to protect our liberties.

I am passionate about this race for all of these reasons and believe I am the right choice to represent Texas’ 23rd Congressional District. I hope to earn your vote between now and November 3.

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Tony Gonzales

Tony Gonzales is a 20-year veteran of the United States Navy and an active member of his community. He founded the Tony Gonzales Foundation, a non-profit focused on empowering and encouraging growth and...