The San Antonio Conservation Society has found a new identity with a revamped logo and name. Henceforth known as the Conservation Society of San Antonio, the organization unveiled its new logo and name at a news conference Tuesday.

Marketing Director Torrey Stanley Carleton explained that the new logo – simple white text printed on a purple background –  would be a timeless design reflecting the organization’s timeless mission to preserve historic buildings. The purple evokes native Texas purple sage, and the motto of the society runs underneath the name: “Making History by Saving History.”

“Rebranding a legacy organization like the society is a serious undertaking,” Carleton said, adding that the new look “positions the society as the preeminent membership organization dedicated to preserving the architectural, natural, and cultural history and heritage of our region.”

President Patti Zaiontz said the Conservation Society’s old logo, which was designed by member artists 95 years ago, was often difficult to read when reproduced on printed materials. 

“We decided we would explore and investigate what it would look like if it changed, and we liked what we saw,” Zaiontz said. “We will always have our original seal, especially for our building awards. But for the public and advertising, we will have our new logo.”

She added that the name change would hopefully distinguish the society as an entity separate from the City of San Antonio; the organization often fields phone calls from people with questions about the municipal government. 

“We felt that after 95 years, with so many new people moving to San Antonio, they had a tendency to think because we had ‘San Antonio Conservation Society’ in our name, people [thought we were] a City agency,” Zaiontz said. “It gave us the realization, maybe it’s time to have a different look. And our purpose remains the same and our advocacy remains the same.”

The Conservation Society, which hosts a Night In Old San Antonio (NIOSA) every Fiesta as its biggest fundraising event, also redesigned the NIOSA logo. NIOSA is now spelled out in colorful letters with a cascaron serving as the “O.” 

The society’s board of directors is investing in a marketing campaign to make San Antonians and Texans more familiar with the new look, but also with its purpose.

“Our mission is as clear as a bell,” Carleton said, quoting one of the advertisements the society plans to run as its rebranding push. “Once again, every day, the conservation society hears the call to protect and preserve our community’s historic and national treasures.”

Zaiontz hopes this new rebranding campaign will spur awareness of the society’s historic preservation efforts and draw in new general and business members. The organization currently boasts around 1,700 members. She also wants the society to work closer with neighborhood organizations as new development continues around San Antonio.

“Preservation is about managing change,” she said. “We think our advocacy is an important part of managing that change and working with neighborhoods and working with developers and sharing possibilities not having to tear buildings down.”

Jackie Wang

Jackie Wang is the local government reporter at the San Antonio Report.