The City of San Antonio is seeking applicants for the newly created advisory board for its $154 million workforce development program.

Voters in November approved the Ready to Work program, which will use sales tax revenue to provide job training and scholarships for San Antonio residents impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week City Council approved the creation of a nine-member advisory board to provide feedback on program objectives. 

The City stated Tuesday that the board will consist of representatives from four local employers from “in-demand occupations,” two current or previous participants in the City of San Antonio workforce development programs, one trade or labor organization, one community organization, and one workforce training provider. In addition to these nine members, two City Council members will be appointed to the board by the Mayor to serve as liaisons, according to the statement.

Applications likely will remain open until mid-January, said Alex Lopez, director of the Economic Development Department. City officials aim to have the board meet for the first time in the spring, Lopez said.

“Once we get enough applications, we’ll forward those to the City Attorney’s Office for review, and then get them over to the City Council [members],” Lopez said. “The plan right now is to hopefully have City Council’s approval of the final board members by February.”

Applications for the advisory board positions can be found at the City of San Antonio’s Board and Commissions website.

The four-year workforce development initiative is aimed at up to 40,000 workers who lost their jobs or are underemployed because of the pandemic and at alleviating persistent generational poverty in San Antonio. The Ready to Work program is set to start in fall 2021 and extend through December 2025.

Lindsey Carnett

Lindsey Carnett is the Science & Utilities reporter for the San Antonio Report.